Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Of each chute shall be completely enclosed with a

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Unformatted text preview: o bearers of not less than 560 mm, in width, such that the planks do not deflect more than 50 mm. under normal loading. 5.3.11 In buildings of skeleton construction, the steel framing may be left in place during the demolition of masonry work. When this is done, all steel beams, girders and the like shall be cleared of all loose materials as the demolition preogress downward. 5.4 Demolition of Floors 5.4.1 Before the demolition of floors and floor beams the floors and beams shall be completely supported by temporary planking and supports. When the load is transferred to lower floors, these floors shall be carefully propped. Demolition of loors shall not be started until the surrounding floor area to a distance of 6.00 meters have been entirely cleared of debris and other unnecessary materials. 5.4.2 No floor, roof or other part of a building that is being demolished shall be so overloaded with debris or materials as to render it unsafe. 5.4.3 Where workmen are engaged in the removal of loors, planks of ample strength which are supported idependently of the flooring shall be provided for the workmen to step on. The planks shall be so placed as to give the workmen a firm support in case the floor gives way or collapses unexpectedly. Where it is necessary for a workman to straddle a space between two planks, such space shall not exceed 400 millimeters. To enable workmen to reach any work place without the necessity of walking on exposed beams, planks shall be provided to serve as catwalks. Stringers of ample strength shall be installed to support the planks where necessary. The ends of such stringers shall be supported by the floor beams or girders. 5.4.4 Planks used for temporary protection shall be sound, and at least 25 mm. thick. They shall be laid close together, with the ends overlapping by at least 100 mm. over solid bearings to prevent tipping under a load. 5.4.5 Where floors are being removed, no workmen shall be allowed to work in the area directly underneath. Such parts shall be barricaded to prevent access to it. 5.4.6 structural or load-supporting members on any floor shall not be cut or removed until all stories above the floor have been demolished and removed. 5.4.7 Where any floor has been removed, the entire tier of beams on which any device is supported shall be completely planked over, except for such openings as are required for the handling of material or equipment. 5.4.8 Tairs and stair railings shall be kept in place and in usable condition as long as it is practicable. Steps and landing shall be kept free from debris. RULE XVI - LIGHT AND VENTILATION Pursuant to Sections 801 to 811 of the National Building code (PD 1096), the following rules and regulations shall be observed: 1. General Provisions: 1.1 1.2 All buildings shall face a street or public alley or a private stree which has been duly approved. 1.3 No building shall be altered nor arranged so as to reduce the size of any room or the relative area of windows to less th...
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