Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Of grate area of such an incinerator exceeds 110

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Unformatted text preview: be less than 200 millimeters thick, lined with not less than 100 millimeters of firebrick extending the full height of the chimney. (3) Linings Fire clay chimney lining shall not be less than 15 millimeters thick. The lining shall extend from 200 millimeters below the lowest inlet or, in the case of fireplace, from the throat of the fireplace to a point above enclosing masonry walls. Fire clay chimney linings shall be installed ahead of the construction of the chimney as it is carried up, carefully bedded one on the other in fire clay mortar, with close-fitting joints left smooth on the inside. Firebrick not less than 500 millimeters thick may be used in place of fire clay chimney. (4) Area No chimney passageway shall be smaller in area than the vent connection of the appliance attached thereto. (5) Height Every masonry chimney shall extend at least 600 millimeters above the part of the roof through which it passes and at least 600 millimeters above the highest elevation of any part of a building within 3.00 meters to the chimney. (6) Corbeling No masonry chimney shall be corbeled from a wall more than 150 millimeters nor shall a masonry chimney be corbeled from a wall which is less than 300 millimeters in thickness unless it projects equally on each side of the wall. In the second storey of a two-storey building of Group A Occupancy, corbeling of masonry chimneys on the exterior of the enclosing walls may equal the wall thickness. In every case the corbeling shall not exceed 25 millimeters projection for each course of brick. (7) Change in Size or Shape No change in the size or shape of a masonry chimney shall be made within a distance of 150 millimeters above or below the roof joints or rafters where the chimney passes through the roof. (8) Separation When more than one passageway is contained in the same chimney, masonry separation at least 100 millimeters thick bonded into the masonry wall of the chimney shall be provided to separate passageways. (9) Inlets Every inlet to any masonry chimney shall enter the side thereof and shall be of not less than 3 millimeters thick metal or 16 millimeters refractory material. (10) Clearance Combustible materials shall not be placed within 50 millimeters of smoke chamber or masonry chimney walls when built within a structure, or within 25 millimeters when the chimney is built entirely outside the structure. (11) Termination All incinerator chimneys shall terminate in a substantially constructed spark arrester having a mesh not exceeding 20 millimeters. (12) Cleanouts Cleanout openings shall be provided at the base of every masonry chimney. (b) Fireplaces and Barbecues Fireplaces, barbecues, smoke chambers, and fireplace chimneys shall be of solid masonry or reinforced concrete and shall conform to the minimum requirements specified in this Code. (1) Fireplace Walls Walls of fireplaces shall not be less than 200 millimeters in thickness. Walls of fireboxes shall not be less than 250 millimeters in thickness: Ex...
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