Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Of the building only a fence shall be required see

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Unformatted text preview: ading operation. 2.3.6 Unless the tope deck of the canopy is built solidly against the face of the building/structure to be constructed/demolished, the vertical face of the canopy supports next to the building shall be solidly fenced throughout in accordance with Section 2.2 of this Rule, except for such openings as may be necessary for the execution of work. Such openings as may be necessary for the execution of work. Such openings shall be provided with sliding or swinging gates which shall be kept closed at all times except when in actual use. (See Figs. 4, 5a, 5b & 6). 2.3.7 The street side of the canopy shall be kept open for a height of not less than 2.40 meters above the curb. The underside of the canopy shall be properly lighted at night with not less than one 100-watt bulb every 6.00 meters of its length and at each change of grade or elevation of the sidewalk surface. 2.3.8 Where a wall of the building abuts or fronts a street, fans or catch platforms shall be erected along that wall at the level of the first floor of the building above the street level. Fans or catch platforms shall be erected at the level of other floors of the building as may be necessary to prevent nuisance form dust or danger from falling debris or materials. 2.4 Protective Nets/Screens 2.4.1 When the horizontal distance between the outermost face of the building and the outer edge of the sidewalk is less than one-half the height of the building, a protective net extending from the uppermost part of the construction/domolition to ground level shall be required in addition to a fence and canopy. (See Fig. 3) 2.4.2 Wherever required, protective netting/covering shall be of approved and substantially strong material such as G.I. wire gauge 16,38 millimeters mesh nylon net, canvas. 2.4.3 Where a wall of the building abuts or fronts a street, dust screens shall be erected to cover the entire wall so as to prevent nuisance from dust. 2.5 Walkways and Railings 2.5.1 Where the sidewalk is permitted by the Building Official to be fully occupied and fenced-off or enclosed, a temporary walkway adjacent to the curb line shall be required. Where the street has no sidewalk, a temporary walkway adjacent to the street line not more than 1.20 meters wide shall be provided. Where the road right-of-way is 5.00 meters or less, no temporary walkway shall be allowed. 2.5.2 The width of the walkway shall be not less than 1.20 meters but not more than one-third (1/3) the width of the sidewalk.Where only partial occupancy and fencing-off of the sidewalk is necessary, a temporary walkway will not be required provided that a width of at least 1.20 meters of the widewalk is left open for the use of pedestrians. 2.5.3 Walkways shall be capable of supporting a uniform live load of 650 kg. per sq.m. A durable wearing surface shall be provided and maintained along the entire length of the walkway throughout the duration of the construction/demolition period. 2.5.4 Where the walkway occupies p...
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