Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: be erected in such a manner as not to confuse or obstruct the view or interpretation of any public sign, traffic signal or device, nor obstruct the sight, distract the attention of motorists, reflect blinding light or cause glare to oncoming traffic. 2.11 Signs which are written in Chinese or any foreign language shall have a corresponding translation in English or in the local dialect. 2.12 The bottom line of all signboards adjacent to each other shall follow a common base line as determined by the Building Official. The installation of all kinds of signs shall be such that a harmonious and aesthetic relationship of all units therein is presented. 2.13 3. Specific Provisions: 3.1 Advertising Signs Outdoor advertising signs shall be permitted only in commercial or industrial zones as designated in the Official Zoning Map. 3.2 Business Signs 3.2.1 Business signs shall have a maximum width of 1.20 meters and a length not exceeding the frontage of the lot. 3.2.2 Business signs installed, displayed or erected in the same building shall preferably be of identical size and flush against the building facade. 3.2.3 In highly built-up urban areas, business signs may be allowed within the immediate approaches as defined in Section 2.2 3.3 Roof Signs 3.3.1 The design and construction of roof signs shall conform to the provisions of Sec. 2030 of the National Building Code. However, no signs shall be erected, attached to, installed or fastened on roof tops of buildings of wooden structures. 3.3.2 Adequate provisions for grounding metallic parts of roof signs exposed to lightning shall be provided. 3.4 Ground Signs 3.4.1 Ground signs shall not exceed 6.00 meters in height above the street crown except neon signs which shall be constructed in conformity with accepted engineering standards. 3.4.2 Ground signs shall be located within the property line and under no circumstances shall they occupy the street or sidewalk. 3.4.3 Public or government signs erected or installed within the area of the sidewalk shall be so designed and located that they do not obstruct the easy passage of pedestrians nor distract the attention of motorists. 3.4.4 Self-supporting outdoor signs along highways shall be located 10.00 meters away from the property lines abutting the road right-of-way. 3.5 Projecting Signs The erection of projecting signs shall be subject to the following conditions: (see Figures 2, 3 & 4) 3.5.1 On non-arcaded streets or where arcades are proposed, signs shall not extend more than 1.20 meters from the wall line or building line. On arcaded streets, the signs shall not project more than 1.00 meter from the wall line over the street. For buildings abutting on streets or alleys without sidewalks or provisions therefor, the rules for arcaded streets shall apply on projecting signs. 3.5.2 A clearance of not less than 3.00 meters shall be provided below the lowest part of such signs projecting over sidewalks on buildings without arcades and clearance of not less t...
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