Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Or c175 c205 c340 concrete

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Unformatted text preview: ing bars shall conform to ASTM Specification A615. If reinforcing bars are to be welded these specifications shll be supplemented by requirements assuring satisfactory weldability. Bar and rod mats for concrete reinforcement shall conform to ASTM Specification A184. Wire for concrete reinforcement shall conform to ASTM Specification A82. Welder wire fabric for concrete reinforcement shall conform to ASTM Specification A185 except that the weld shear strength requirement of those specifications shall be extended to include a wire size differential up to and including six gauges. Wire and strands for prestressed concrete shall conform to ASTM Specifications A421 and A416. Structural steel shall conform to ASTM Specification A26. Steel pipe for concrete-filled pipe columns shall conform to Grade B of ASTM Specification A53. Cast-iron for composite columns shall conform to ASTM Specification A377. (f) Admixtures. Admixtures, if used, shall conform to ASTM Specification C494. (g) Storage of Materials. Cement and aggregate shall be stored in such a manner as to prevent their deterioration or the intrusion of foreign matter. Any material which has deterioarated or which has been damaged shall not be used for concrete. Section 5.04: Concrete Quality (a) Notations. The notations used in these regulations are defined as follows: fc = compressive strength of concrete (See Section 5.02) Fsp= ratio of splitting tensile strength to the square root of compressive strength. (Table 5.04-A) (b) Concrete Quality. For the design of reinforced concrete structures, the value of fc shall be used in determining stresses in Section 5.09 to Section 513 and strengths in Section 5.14 to Section 5.18. All plans submitted for approval or used for any project shall clearly show the specified strength f c of concrete at the specified age for which each part of the structure was designed. Concrete that will be exposed to sulfate-containing or other chemically aggressive solutions shall be proportioned in accordance with ACI Standard 613 and 613A. (c) Methods of Determining the Proportions of Concrete. The determination of the proportions of cement, aggregate, and water to attain the required strengths shall be made by one of the following methods, but lower water-cement ratios may be required for conformance with Section 5.04(b). Method 1. Without preliminary tests. Where preliminary test data on the materials to be used in the concrete have not been obtained, the water-cement ratio for a given strength of concrete shall not exceed the values shown in Table No. 5.04-A. when strength in excess of 210 kilograms per square centimeter (3000 pounds per square inch) are required or when light-weight aggregates or admixtures (other than those exclusively for the purpose of entraining air) are used, the required water-cement ratio shall be determined in accordance with Method 2. Method 2. For combination of materials previously evaluated or to be established by trial mixture. Water-cement ratios or st...
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