Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Or arc welding incombustible shields shall be

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Unformatted text preview: tying down. 3.8.2 Where a full complement of personnel is employed or engaged for such protection purposes, normal construction activity or uses of materials or equipment may continue, allowing such reasonable time as may be necessary to secure such materials or equipment before winds of gale force are anticipated, in accordance with warnings or advisories issued by the PAGASA. 4. Equipment, Temporary Structures and Devices 4.1 Hoisting Machinery 4.1.1 In addition to the requirements of Sec. 4 of Rule X, every hoisting engine shall be provided with adequate brakes capable of holding the maximum load at any point of travel. 4.1.2 Hoisting machinery shall be enclosed to exclude unauthorized persons. If placed outside the building, further protection against falling objects shall be provided. Guards shall be provided for exposed gears and other moving parts and around hoisting cables at all points to prevent workers from tripping or getting their clothing caught. 4.1.3 4.1.4 When hoisting machinery is set on an elevated platform, such platform shall be of substantial and sturdy construction. Guard rails and toe boards shall be provided along all open sides of such platforms. 4.1.5 Electrical machinery and equipment to be used for construction work shall be installed and operated in accordance with the Philippine Electrical Code. 4.1.6 Steam boilers used in construction work shall be installed, equipped and maintained in accordance with the Philippine Mechanical Engineering Code. 4.1.7 4.2 Ample room shall be provided around hoisting engines, motors or other machinery or apparatus to allow the free and safe movement of the operators. A tag line or guide rope shall be used on all loads being hoisted or lowered. Platform Hoist. 4.2.1 4.2.2 Hoists shall be equipped with a broken-rope safety device. 4.2.3 Where whellbarrows or buggies are used for handling material on platform hoists, cleats shall be nailed to the platform to fix the proper position so that handles shall not project beyond platform edges. 4.2.4 4.3 Platform hoist for the handling of materials in buildings under construction shall have the car substantially constructed and provided with covers, either solid or wire mesh. Sections of the cover may be arranged to swing upward for the handling of bulky materials. If suitable overhead protection is provided the covers may be omitted. Supports for the overhead sheave of the hoist shall be designed to carry two times the weight of the hoist and its maximum load. Hoist Towers 4.3.1 Hoist towers erected in connection with construction work shall be substantially constructed. All members shall be so proportioned that the stresses shall not exceed those specified for the materials when carrying the dead load of the tower plus two times the weight of the platform or bucket or its maximum load. 4.3.2 Every hoist tower shall rest on a sufficiently solid foundation to preven injurious settlement or distortion of its framework. 4.3.3 The base of every ho...
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