Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Or structural features as shall reasonably enhance

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Unformatted text preview: make such space accessible to the disabled persons; provided, however, that where the primary function can be served at the ingress level is provided with facilities, requirements for accessibility at other levels may be waived. b) Ten percent (10%) of the total number of units of government-owned living accommodations shall be accessible and fully usable by the disabled persons with any fractional part in excess of one-half (1/2) in the computation thereof, to be considered as one unit; for privately-owned living accommodations the number of accessible units shall be as provided in Section 3 of Rules II hereof. c) Ingress/egress from the street to the building or structure shall be made accessible. d) Accessible slots in parking areas shall be located as near as possible to ingress/egress spaces of the building or structure. 4.1.2 Buildings and related structures to be repaired or renovated including those proposed for a change of occupancy If possible, barrier-free facilities and accessibility features shall be provided in accordance with the requirements under Sub-section 4.1.1 (a), (c) and (d): feasibility of incorporation of barrier-free facilities and accessibility features shall be determined from all the following conditions: a) When the reapir or renovation work is to be done in the space where the primary function is served; b) When the facilities can be made accessible at any other level which is accessible by means of an elevator with a minimum width of 800 mm; c) When the space alloted for the primary function will not be diminished by more than ten percent (10%) of its original area; d) When the capacity or strength of any major structural component, such as slabs, beams, guiders, columns, bearing walls and footings of the building or structure will not be diminished; e) When the cost (exclusive of the exception provided below) of such repair or renovation work is in excess of twenty percent (20%) of the total cost of the building or structure, based upon the computation of permit fees as provided under Rule III of the Implementing Rules and Regulations promulgated. Pursuant to P.D. 1096 entitled: "The National Building Code of the Philippines"; f) When there is no legal constraint which would not allow compliance with these regulations: EXCEPTION: Repair or renovation work which consists only of heating, ventilating and airconditioning systems, including those which may be required only with respect to fire, panic and explosion safety for existing spaces, shall not be subject to the requirements for barrier-free facilities and accessibility features. 4.1.3 Streets, highways and transport related structures to be constructed Streets, highways and transport related structures shall be provided with the following barrier-free facilities and accessibility features at every pedestrian crossing: ramps and other accessible features in buildings of the sectoral offices and attached agencies of DOTC; transporation terminals and passenger waiting...
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