Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Or structure poses imminent danger or risk to life

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Unformatted text preview: ideration is denied, the movant shall have the right to perfect his appeal during the remainder of the period for appeal, reckoned from the date of receipt of the resolution of denial. If the order for decision is reversed on reconsideration, the aggrieved party, if there is any, shall have fifteen (15) days from receipt of the resolution within which to perfect his appeal. 24 Appeal: Within fifteen (15) days from the date of receipt of notice or advice of the non-issuance, suspension or revocation of permit and/or certificate of occupancy or nay order or decision of the Building Official, the applicant/permittee or any adversely affected party may file an appeal directly with the Minister or through the nearest Public Works Regional Director. The Minister shall render his decision with the technical assistance of the Executive Director and his staff and/or call upon any officer in the Ministry to initially act on the appeal. 25. Finality of Decision of Minister: the order or decision of the Minister in any case brought to him on appeal shall be final and shall become executory fifteen (15) days after the receipt of the parties concerned of a copy thereof. 26. Police Assistance in the Execution of Order/Decision: For the enforcement and execution of any of his orders or decisions, the Minister or his duly authorized representative may secure the assistance of the local police or any peace officer in the locality or area where the building or structure is located, in accordance with the Memo of Agreement dated August 1, 1978 between the Minister of the National Defense and Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Communications. 27. Disposition of Fines All fines and other surcharges collected by the Building Official under this Rule shall be treated in the same manner as the building fees and charges authorized by the Minister to be collected and received under Section 208 of the Code. 28. Other Remedies and Supplementary Effect of Other Laws: The rights, actions, remedies and procedures provided in this Rule shall be without prejudice to further action that the Minister and/or the Building Official may take under the provisions of Articles 482 and 694 to 707 of the civil code of the Philippines. Furthermore, all other rights of action and remedies that may be available under existing laws shall, if applicable, have a supplementary effect thereto. RULE IX - ELECTRICAL REGULATIONS Pursuant to Sections 102, 103 and 1301 of the National Building code (PD 1096) the following Rules shall govern the installation of Primary and Secondary Distribution Lines, Transformers and other equipment in subdivisions, along public and private roads and attached to or over buildings. 1. General Location Requirements in Towns, Subdivisions, Human Settlements, Industrial Estates and the like. Overhead transmission and/or distribution lines/systems including transformers, poles, towers and the like shall be located and installed following the latest standards of de...
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