Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: f the outer surface of the enclosing wall of the building and the surface of the ground. LINTEL The beam or girder placed over an opening in a wall, which supports the wall construction above. LOAD, DEAD The weight of the permanent portions of a building or structure; it includes the weight of the walls, permanent partitions, framing, floors, roofs, and all other permanent and stationary fixtures, mechanism, and other construction entering into and becoming a part of a building or structure. LOAD, LATERAL That load caused by winds, earthquakes, or other dynamic forces. LOAD, LIVE The weight of the contents of a building or structure; it includes all loads except dead and lateral, and weight of temporary partitions, cases, counters, and similar equipment, and all loads imposed due to the occupancy of the building or structure. LOAD, OCCUPANT The total number of persons that may occupy a building or portion thereof at any one time. LODGING HOUSE Any building or portion thereof, containing not more than five guest rooms which are used by not more than five guests where rent is paid in money, goods, labor or otherwise. LOT A parcel of land on which a principal building and its accessories are placed or may be placed together with the required open spaces. A lot may or may not be the land designated as lot on the recorded plot. LOT, CORNER A lot situated at the junction of two or more streets forming an angle of not more than one hundred thirty-five degrees (135°). LOT, DEPTH OF The average horizontal distance between the front and the rear lot lines. LOT, FRONT The front boundary line of a lot bordering on the street and in the case of a corner lot, it may be either frontage. LOT, INSIDE A lot fronting on but one street or public alley and the remaining sides bounded by lot lines. LOT LINE The line of demarcation between either public and private property. LOT, OPEN A lot bounded on all sides by street lines. LOT, WIDTH OF The average horizontal distance between the side lot lines. MASONRY A form of construction composed of stone, brick, concrete, gypsum, hollow clay tile, concrete block or tile, or other similar building units or material or combination of these materials laid up unit and set in mortar. MASONRY SOLID Masonry of solid units built without hollow spaces. MASONRY UNIT Brick, block, tile, stone, or other similar building unit or combination thereof, made to be bounded together by a cementation agent. MEZZANINE OR MEZZANINE FLOOR A partial intermediate floor in any storey or room of a building having an area not more than one-half of the area of the room or space in which it is constructed. NON-CONFORMING BUILDING A building which does not conform with the regulations of the district where it is situated as to height, yard requirement, lot area, and percentage of occupancy. NON-CONFORMING USE The use of a building or land or any portion of such building or land which does not conform with the use and regulation of the zone where it is situa...
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