Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: e front, side and rear properly lines may be allowed provided that the following requirements shall be complied with: 1. Open space as prescribed in Table I. 2. Window opening as prescribed in Section 7. 3. Firewall with a minimum of one-hour resistive rating constructed with a minimum height clearance of 1.00 meter above the roof (See Fig. 5). The required open space shall be located totally or distributed anywhere within the lot in such a manner as to provide maximum light and ventilation into the building. (See Fig. 6). b) Yards for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Recreational Buildings. TABLE III ROAD RIGHT-OF-WAY 30 meters & above 25-29 meters 20-24 meters 10-19 meters Below 10 meters FRONT 10 m. 8 m. 6 m. 4 m. 2 m. SIDE 3 m. 3 m. 3 m. 2 m. 2 m. REAR 3 m. 3 m. 3 m. 2 m. 2 m. The yard requirements in Table III above are for newly-developed thoroughfares. for highly built-up urban areas with duly established lines and grades reflecting therein proposed road widening and elevation, the requirements in Table III above may not be imposed and the building may abut on ariticial ventilation, if any, and firewalls are complied with. 3.3 3.4 4. Setback - The vacant space left between the building and lot lines than 2.00 meters in width. A setback may be considered part of the open space, provided that it abuts a permanent public open space without any separation between them which obstructs the free flow of light and ventilation. Fences, if any, made of wrought or galvanized iron bars and the like with solid masonry zocalo, if any, not higher than 1.00 meter shall be allowed. Uncovered Driveways, Access Roads and Parking Spaces may be considered part of the open space provided that they are open and unobstructed from the ground upward as in courts and yards. Ceiling Heights: 4.1 4.2 5. Habitable rooms provided with artificial ventilation shall have ceiling heights not less than 2.40 meters measured from the floor to the ceiling; Provided that for buildings of more than one-storey, the minimum ceiling height of the first story shall be 2.70 meters and tht for the second story 2.40 meters and the succeeding stories shall have an unobstructed typical head-room clearance of not less than 2.10 meters above the finished floor. Above stated rooms with a natural ventilation shall have ceiling heights not less than 2.70 meters. Mezzanine floors shall have a clear ceiling height not less than 1.80 meters above and below it. Sizes and Dimensions of Rooms: Minimum sizes of rooms and their least horizonta dimensions shall be as follows: 5.1 5.2 Kitchen - 3.00 square meters with a least of 1.50 meters; 5.3 6. Rooms for Human Habitations - 6.00 square meters with a least dimension of 2.00 meters; Bath and toilet - 1.20 square meters with a least dimension of 0.90 meter. Air Space Requirements in Determining Sizes of Rooms: Minimum air space shall be provided as follows: 6.1 School Rooms - 3.00 cubic meters with 1.00 square meter of floor area per person;...
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