Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: APTER 20 SIGNS SECTION 2001. General Requirements (a) No sign or signboard shall be erected in such a manner as to confuse or obstruct the view or interpretation of any official traffic sign, signal, or device. (b) No sign or signboard shall be constructed as to unduly obstruct the natural view of the landscape, distract or obstruct the view of the public as to constitute a traffic hazard, or otherwise defile, debase or offend aesthetic and cultural values and traditions. SECTION 2002. Maintenance All signs, together with all of their supports, braces, guys, and anchors, shall be kept in repair and in proper state of preservation. The display of all signs shall be kept neatly painted and secured at all times. SECTION 2003. Design and Construction Sign structures shall be designed and constructed to resist all forces in accordance with the National Structural Code for Buildings. For signs on buildings, the dead lateral loads shall be transmitted through the structural frame of the building to the ground in such a manner as not to overstress any of the elements of the building. The weight of earth superimposed over footings may be used in determining the dead load resisting moment. Such earth shall be carefully placed and thoroughly compacted. SECTION 2004. Supports and Anchorages (a) General. The supports and anchorages of all signs or sign structures shall be placed in or upon private property and shall be constructed in conformity with the requirements of this Code. (b) Materials. Materials for construction of signs or sign structures shall be of the quality and grade as specified in this Code. (c) Restrictions on Combustible Materials – All signs or sign structures erected in highly restrictive Fire Zones shall have structural members of incombustible materials. Ground signs may be constructed of any material meeting the requirements of this Code. Combination signs, roof signs, wall signs, projecting signs, and signs on marquees shall be constructed of incombustible materials. No combustible material other than approved plastics shall be used in the construction of electric signs. (d) Non-structural Trim – Non-structural trim and portable display surfaces may be of wood, metal, approved plastics, or any combination thereof. (e) Display Surfaces – Display surfaces in all types of signs may be made of metal, glass, or approved plastics. SECTION 2005. Projections and Clearances (a) Clearances from High Voltage Power Lines – Clearances of signs from high voltage power lines shall be in accordance with the Philippine Electrical Code. (b) Clearances from Fire Escapes, Exits, or Standpipes – No signs or sign structures shall be erected in such a manner than any portion of its surface or supports will interfere in any way with the free use of any fire escape, exit, or standpipe. (c) Obstruction of Openings. No sign shall obstruct any opening to such an extent that light or ventilation is reduced to a point below that required by this Code. Signs erecte...
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