Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Seats without backrest the total width of exits in

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Unformatted text preview: divided by 500 when exiting by stairs, and divided by 650 when exiting by ramps or horizontally. When both horizontal and stair exits are used, the total width of exits shall be determined by using both figures as applicable. No exit shall be less than 1.10 meters in width. Exits shall be located at a reasonable distance apart. When only two exits are provided, they shall be spaced not less that one-fifth of the perimeter apart. (9) Securing of Chairs Chairs and benches used on raised stands shall be secured to the platforms upon which they are placed: Except, that when less than 25 chairs are used upon a single raised platform the fasterning of seats to the platform may be omitted. When more than 500 loose chairs are used in connection with athletic events, chairs shall be fastened together in groups of not less than three, and shall be tied or staked to the ground. (10) Safe Dispersal Area Each safe dispersal area shall have at least two exits. If more than 6000 persons are to be accommodated within such an area, there shall be a minimum of three exits, and for more than 9000 persons there shall be a minimum of four exits. The aggregate clear width of exits from a safe dispersal area shall be determined on the basis of not less than one exit unit of 600 millimeters for each 500 person to be accommodated and no exit shall be less than 1.10 meters in width, a reasonable distance apart but shall be spaced not less than one-fifth of the perimeter of the area apart from each other. (o) Special Hazards (1) Boiler Rooms Except in Group A Occupancies, every boiler room and every room containing an incinerator or liquified petroleum gas or liquid fuel-fired equipment shall be provided with at least two means of egress, one of which may be a ladder. All interior openings shall be protected as provided for in this Code. (2) Cellulose Nitrate Handling Film laboratories, projection rooms, and nitro-cellulose processing rooms shall have not less than two exits. SECTION 1208. Skylights (a) All skylights shall be constructed with metal frames except those for Groups A and J Occupancies. Frames of skylights shall be designed to carry loads required for roofs. All skylights, the glass of which is set at an angle of less than 45 degrees from the horizontal, if located above the first storey, shall be set at least 100 millimeters above the roof. Curbs on which the skylights rest shall be constructed of incombustible materials except for Types I or II Construction. (b) Spacing between supports in one direction for flat wired glass in skylights shall not exceed 625 millimeters. Corrugated wired glass may have supports 1.50 meters apart in the direction of the corrugation. All glass in skylights shall be wired glass: Except, that skylights over vertical shafts extending through two or more storeys shall be glazed with plain glass as specified in this Code: Provided, that wired glass may be used in ventilation equal to not less than one-eight the cross-sectional area of the shaf...
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