Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Shall a control switch for emergency lighting in a

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Unformatted text preview: led as required by Section 12.17. Emergency illumination fixtures which obtain power from a unit equipment which are re not part of the unit equipment shall be wired to the unit equipment as required by Rule 5257 of the PEC and in accordance with the one of the wiring methods described in Chapter II of the PEC. 13. EFFECTIVITY 13.1 13.2 All primary and secondary supply lines already existing shall comply with the provisions of this Rule within two (2) years from the effectivity of this Rule. Transformers to be installed on, attached to, or in buildings shall comply with the requirements of this Rule. transformer installations already existing shall comply with the requirements within two (2) years from the effectivity of this Rule. 13.3 Noncompliance with the provisions of this Rule shall be subject to the penal provisions in Section 213 of PD 1096. RULE X - MECHANICAL REGULATIONS 1. Definitions - For purposes of this Rule, the following definitions shall apply: ACCIDENTAL CONTACT - Any inadvertent physical contact with power transmission equipment, prime movers, machines or machine parts which could result from slipping, falling, sliding, tripping or any other unplanned action or movement. AIR CONDITIONING - The process of treating air so as to control simultaneously its temperature, humidity, cleanliness and distribution to meet the requirements of the conditioned space. BALLUSTRADES - The frames on either side of the moving steps of an escalator. BOILER - A closed vessel for heating water or for application of heat to generate steam or other vapor to be used externally or to itself. BUFFER - A device designed to stop a descending car or counterweight beyond its normal limit of travel by absorbing and dissipating the kinetic energy of the car or counterweight. CAGE/CAB - An enclosure for housing the operator and the hoisting mechanism, power plant and equipment controlling a crane. CAPACITY OF WORKS, PROJECT OR PLANT - The total horsepower of all engines, motors, turbines or other prime movers installed, whether in operation or not. CAR - The load-carrying unit of an elevator including its platform, frame, enclosure and door or gate. COMPRESSOR - A mechanical device for the purpose of increasing the pressure upon the refrigerant. CONDENSER - A vessel or arrangement of pipes or tubing in which vaporized refrigerant is liquified by the removal of heat. CONDEMNED BOILER OR UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL - A boiler or unfired pressure vessel that has been inspected by the Building Official and declared unsafe or disqualified and power stamped or marked designating its rejection. CRANE - Means a machine for lifting or lowering a load and moving it horizontally, the hoisting mechanism being an integral part of the machine. DUCT - A passageway made of sheet metal or other suitable material not necessarily leak tight, for conveying air or other gases at low pressure. DUMBWAITER - A hoisting and lowering mechanism equipped with a car not to exceed 3861 sq. cm. in...
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