Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Shall be of grades set forth in table no 304 c in the

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Unformatted text preview: length 8 length length * The size of knots on the narrow face within the middle third of length may be increased proportionately towards the ends of the piece to twice the size permitted on the narrow face, but not to exceed that allowable along the center line of the wide face. The size of knots on the edge of wide face within the middle third of length may be increased proportionately towards the center along the center line of the wide face. The sum of the sizes of all knots in any 6 inches of length of the piece shall not exceed twice the maximum permissible size of knots. Two knots of maximum Cluster knots and knots in groups shall not be permitted. TABLE NO. 3.04 (C) WORKING STRESSES FOR TANGILE AND RED LAUAN TO BE USED FOR DESIGN OF GLUED LAMINATED STRUCTURES 80% Grade 67 Grade ________________________________________________ Tangile Red Lauan Tangile Red Lauan Extreme Fiber stress, bending, psi 2240 1900 1900 1600 Modulus of Elasticity, bending x 103, psi 1320 1180 1250 1120 Shear Parallel to Grain, psi 150 132 150 132 Compression Parallel to Grain, psi 1250 1000 1050 850 Comp, Perpendicular to Grain, psi 300 250 240 200 For wet conditions of use, the following maximum percentages of Dry-Use stress shall be permitted: f (bending) and t (tension), 80% v (horizontal shear) and E (Modulus of Elasticity), 90% fp (compression parallel to grain) and fp (perpendicular to grain), 70% TABLE NO. 3.04 (D) GROUPING OF SPECIES FOR DETERMINING ALLOWABLE LOADS FOR TIMBER JOINTS Specie Specific Gravity Specie Specific Gravity Specific Specie Malabayabas 0.87 Dalanghita 0.62 Tiaong Dungon .81 Dao .62 Bagtikan .43 Yakal .74 Narig .62 Almaciga .42 Binggas .72 Toog .61 Almon .41 Ipil .68 Kamagong .57 Tangile .37 Malaguijo .71 Dangkalan .59 Manggasinoro .37 Molave .66 Pahutan .55 Red Lauan .36 Guijo .65 Apitong .55 White Lauan .36 Manggachapul .65 Mahogany .54 Mayapis .35 Malugi .52 Vidal Lanutan .51 Narra .50 Palosapis .48 Gravity 0.44 Section 3.07: Vertical Members or Assemblies (a) Column or Posts. All wood columns and posts shall be framed to true and bearings; shall extend down to supports of such design as to hold the column or post securely in poisiton and to protect its base from deterioration; and shall be supported in basement or cellars by piers projecting at least 5 centimeters (2 inches) and above the finished floor and separated therefrom by an approved metal barrier, or when pressure-impregnated timber is used, it may be placed directly on concrete or masonry. Untreated wood column in basement of cellars, when built into masonry portions or walls, shall be exposed on at least two sides. (b) Stud walls and Bearing Partitions. 1. Placing. Studs in walls and partitions may be placed with their wide faces parallel to the wall or partition, provided the studs are considered as columns and are designed accordingly. Stud walls shall have top and bottom plates to develop allowable bearing stresses perpendicular to the grain. 2. Size. Except as otherwise prov...
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