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Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Shall be sold at public auction to satisfy the claim

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Unformatted text preview: e agencies concerned, continuing research and development of building systems in order to develop suitable guidelines and standards, rules and regulations for the effective implementation of the provisions of the National Building Code, and to provide professional and technical assistance to the Secretary, now the Minister of Public works, in the management and supervision of the activities of the Building Officials in the implementation of the Code, including all its referral Code. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - The head officer of the Building Research and Development Staff. CODE - The National Building Code of the Philippines or Presidential Decree No. 1096. RULES - The rules and regulations issued and to be issued by the Minister to implement and enforce the provisions of the Code. This includes this Rule. PERSON - Any individual, partnership, corporation, association and public or private organization of any character. PERMIT OFFICE - The Office of the Building Official which under the Code is the one single office to handle the processing of applications for, and the issuance of, all kinds of permits pertaining to buildings, both public and private, and all other appurtenances thereto. APPLICATION - The application for a building permit. PERMIT - As used in this and other Rules shall mean the principal (building) permit and all the ancillary or accessory permits pertaining to a building and its appurtenances, such as mechanical and electrical permits, sanitary/plumbing permits, and permit to construct a fence, sidewalks, towers, signboards, etc. 2. Administrative Sanctions: The code provides the following administrative sanctions to insure observance and compliance with all its provisions: 2.1 Non-issuance, suspension, revocation and/or invalidation of permits. 2.2 Non-issuance, suspension or revocation of certificates of occupancy. 2.3 Issuance of Work Stoppage Order. 2.4 Issuance of Order for Discontinuance of Use or Occupancy of Buildings. 2.5 Abatement and/or demolition of dangerous buildings or structures. 2.6 Imposition of administrative fines. 2.7 Imposition of surcharge/penalty. 3. Grounds for the Non-issuance, Suspension, Revocation and/or Invalidation of Permit: the Building Official may order or direct the non-issuance, suspension, revocation and/or invalidation of a permit based on any one or all of the following grounds: 3.1 Errors found in the plans and specifications. 3.2 Incorrect or inaccurate data or information found in the application. 3.3 Non-compliance with terms and conditions of permits. 3.4 Failure to commence the work within a period of one year from the date of issuance of permit. 3.5 Suspension or abandonment of the work so authorized in the permit at anytime after it has been commenced for a period of 120 days or more. 3.6 Unauthorized change, modification or alteration in the approved plans and specifications and/or in the type of construction. 3.7 Failure to engage the services of a duly licensed architect or civil engi...
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