Building Code of the Philippines(1)

So located as not to be affected by the operation of

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Unformatted text preview: rol shall provide for both opening and closing of the ventilator doors for periodic testing and shall be located at a point on the stage designated by the Building Official. When remote control of ventilator is electrical, power failure shall not affect its instant operation in the event of the fire. Hand winches may be employed to facilitate operation of manually controlled ventilators. (b) Gridirons – (1) Gridirons, fly galleries, and pin-rail shall be constructed of incombustible materials and fire protection of steel and iron may be omitted. Gridirons and fly galleries shall be designed to support a live load of not less than 367 kilograms per square meter. Each loft block well shall be designed to support 373 kilograms per linear meter and the head block well shall be designed to support the aggregate weight of all the loft block wells served. The head block well must be provided with an adequate strongback or lateral brace to offset torque. (2) The main counterweight sheave beam shall be designed to support a horizontal and vertical uniformly distributed live load sufficient to accommodate the weight imposed by the total number of loft blocks in the gridiron. The sheave blocks shall be designed to accommodate the maximum load for the loft or head blocks served with a safety factor of five. (c) Rooms Accessory to Stage – In the building having a stage, the dressing room sections, workshops, and storerooms shall be located on the stage side of the proscenium wall and shall be separated from each other and from the stage by not less than a One-Hour Fire-Resistive Occupancy Separation. (d) Proscenium Walls – A stage shall be completely separated from the auditorium by a proscenium wall of not less than two-hour incombustible construction. The proscenium wall shall extend not less than 1.20 meters above the roof over the auditorium. Proscenium walls may have, in addition to the main proscenium openings, one opening at the orchestra pit level and not more than two openings at the stage floor level, each of which shall be not more than 2.00 square meters in area. All openings in the proscenium wall of stage shall be protected by a fire assembly having a one and one-half-hour fireresistive rating. The proscenium opening, which shall be the main opening for viewing performances, shall be provided with a self closing fire-resistive curtain as specified in this Code. (e) Stage Floor – The type of construction for stage floors shall depend upon the requirements based on the type of Occupancy and the corresponding fire-resistive requirements. All parts of the stage floor shall be designed to support not less than 620 kilograms per square meters. Openings through the stage floors shall be equipped with tight-fitting trap doors of wood of not less than 50 millimeters nominal thickness. (f) Platforms – The type of construction for platforms shall depend upon the requirements based on the Type of Occupancy and corresponding fire-resistive requirements. Enclos...
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