Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Strength of concrete see section 502 ratio of modulus

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Unformatted text preview: 5.10 (c). Spirals (yield strength for use in Formula 5.08-1) Hot rolled rods, intermediate grade ............................................... 40,000 psi. Hot rolled rods, hard grade ............................................................ 50,000 psi. Hot rolled rods of minimum yield strength of 60,000 psi., and cold-drawn wire .................................. 60,000 psi. TABLE 5.09 - A ALLOWABLE STRESSES IN CONCRETE ALLOWABLE STRESSES ____________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION FOR ANY STRENGTH CONCRETE IN STRENGTH OF CONCRETE fc' ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 2,000 2,500 3,000 4,000 5.04 (c) p.s.i. p.s.i. p.s.i. p.s.i. Modulus of elasticity ration, n 29,000,000 For concrete weighing 145 lbs. per cu. ft. See Section 5.10(c) n 1.5 W 33 fc' Flexure: fc Extreme fiber stress in compression 0.45 fc' Extreme fiber stress in tension in plain concrete 900 11 1125 10 1350 9 1800 8 footings and walls 1.6 fc' 71 Shear: v (as a measure of diagonal tension at a distance "d" from the face of the support), vc 1.1 fc' Beams with no web reinforcement, vc Joists with no wev reinforcement, vc 1.2 fc' Members with vertical or inclines reinforcement or properly combined bent bars and vertical stirrups, v 5 fc' Slabs and footings (peripheral shear Section 5.11 (j), vc 2 fc' Shear in Walls:2 Shear carries by concrete3 H/D 1 VC 3 fc' 1.1 fc' H/D 2.7 VC Shear carried by concrete and reinforcement H/D 1 v 3 fc' H/D 2 v 5 fc' 80 491 54 89 223 66 250 110 150 60 61 100 55 102 55 223 134 49 Bearing: fc On full area 0.25 fc' 500 on one-third area or less5 0.375 fc' 88 70 77 274 316 126 164 190 70 134 250 130 274 164 316 625 750 750 938 1000 1125 1500 60 190 1. For shear values for lightweight aggregate concrete, see Section 5.11 (K). 2. For eartchquake resisting shear walls, these values must be modified in accordance with Section 5.29 3. For values between "H/D" of 1.0 and 2.7, the allowable shear varies linearly. 4. For lightweight concrete, multiply tabulated values by .15Fsp. For values between "H/D" of 1.0 and 2.0, the allowable shear varies linearly. 5. This increase shall be permitted only when the least distance between the edges of the loaded and unloaded areas, is a minimum of one-fourth of the parallel side dimension of the loaded area. The allowable bearing stress on a reasonably concentric area greater than 1/3 but less than the full area shall be interpreted between the values given. Section 5.30: Plain Concrete (a) General. Plain concrete, other than fill, shall have a minimum ultimate compressive strength at 28 days of 140 kilograms per square centimeter (2000 pounds per square inch) and material proportioning, and placing shall conform to the requirement of this Chapter. Concrete made with lightweight aggregate may be used with strength less than 140 kilograms per square centimeter (2000 pounds per square inch) if it has been shown by tests or experience have sufficient strength and durability. Provisions shall be made to care for temperature...
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