Building Code of the Philippines(1)

That wired glass may be used in ventilation equal to

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Unformatted text preview: t but never less than 1.20 meters provided at the top of such shaft. Any glass not wired glass shall be protected above and below with a screen constructed of wire not smaller than 2.5 millimeters in diameter with a mesh not larger than 25 millimeters. The screen shall be substantially supported below th glass. (c) Skylights installed for the use of photographers may be constructed of metal frames and plate glass without wire netting. (d) Ordinary glass may be used in the roof and skylights for greenhouses, Provided , that height of the greenhouses at the ridge does not exceed 6.00 meters above the grade. The use of wood in the frames of skylights will be permitted in greenhouses outside of highly restrictive Fire zone if the height of the skylight does not exceed 6.00 meters above the grade, but in other cases metal frames and metal sash bars shall be used. (e) Glass used for the transmission of light, if place in floors or sidewalks, shall be supported by metal or reinforced concrete frames, and such glass shall not be less that 12.5 millimeters in thickness. Any such glass over 100 square centimeters in area shall have wire mesh embedded in the same or shall be provided with a wire screen underneath as specified for skylights in this Code. All portions of the floor lights or sidewalk lights shall be of the same strength as required for floor or sidewalk construction, except in cases where the floor is surrounded by a railing not less than 1.10 meters in height, in which case the construction shall be calculated for not less than roof loads. SECTION 1209. Bays, Porches, and Balconies (a) Walls and floors in bay and oriel windows shall conform to the construction allowed for exterior walls and floors of the type of construction of the building to which they are attached. The roof covering of a bay or oriel window shall conform to the requirements of the roofing of the main roof. Exterior balconies attached to or supported by wall required to be of masonry, shall have brackets or beams constructed of incombustible materials. Railings shall be provided for balconies, landings, or proches which are more than 750 millimeters above grade. SECTION 1210. Penthouses and Roof Structures (a) Height No penthouse or other projection above the roof in structures of other than Type V construction shall exceed 8.40 meters above the roof when used as an enclosure for thanks or for elevators which run to the roof and in all other cases shall not extend more than 3.60 meters in height with the roof. (b) Area The aggregate area of all penthouses and other roof structures shall not exceed one third of the area of the supporting roof. (c) Prohibited Uses No penthouse, bulkhead, or any other similar projection above the roof shall be used for purposes other than shelter of mechanical equipment or shelter of vertical shaft openings in the roof. A penthouse or bulkhead used for purposes other that that allowed by this Section shall conform to the requirements of this Code f...
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