Building Code of the Philippines(1)

The ministry of public works for the benefit safety

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Unformatted text preview: ister TEODORO T. ENCARNACION Assistant Minister for Planning Management ROSALLIO A. MALLONGA Assistant Minister for Operations and Executive Director, BRDS LIGAYA JORGE Assistant Minister for Personnel and Development ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Grateful acknowledgement is given to those who have devoted their precious time and effort and lent their support in formulating these Implementing Rules and Regulations, most especially to the following: Hon. Rosalio A. Mallonga Assistant Minister for Operations and Executive Director, BRDS The BRDS Consultants Atty. Lydia L. Vendiola Engr. Eduardo P. Mencias Engr. Ernesto J. Battad Mercado Engr. Herminiano M. Engr. Jose E. Cabanting Archt. Aquiles C. Paredes Engr. Angel Lazaro, Jr. Engr. Francisco N. Pascual Engr. Arturo L. Lopez Archt. Geronomo V. Manahan Engr. Jorge N. Roldan Col. Rafael E. Rueda, Jr. Archt. Juan A. Maravillas, Jr. The Building Research and Development Staff Technical Staff Archt. Ernesto C. Acosta, Jr. Reyes Engr. Reynaldo M. Atty. Ennar R.C. Cabanilla Santos Engr. Wilfredo O. Archt. Lorenzo P. Espeleta Sanchez Mr. Faustino C. Engr. Carlos M. Lopez Miss. Estrella D. Hipol Archt. Alberto B. Nogoy Miss Nancy B. Narag Secretariat Miss Rosemarie F. Cabauatan Nitullano Miss Susan O. Constantino Miss Nena P. Republic of the Philippines Department of Public Works, Transportation and Communications OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY Quezon City NBC MEMORANDUM ORDER 77-1 Re: Implementing Rules and Regulations NATIONAL BUILDING CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES (P.D. No. 1096) For the guidance and compliance of all concerned, the following rules and orders are hereby promulgated in initial implementation of the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 1096, otherwise known as the National Building Code of the Philippines: 1. There shall be organized a “Building Research and Development Staff” to serve as the technical staff of the Secretary in the administration and enforcement of the previous provisions of the National Building Code. 2. All Public Works Regional Directors shall serve as coordinators between the Office of the Secretary and the offices of the Building Officials. In behalf of the Secretary, they shall supervise and monitor the work operations of the Building Officials in their respective areas of jurisdiction. 3. Subject to the approval of the Secretary, all duly designated Acting Building Officials shall organize their respective offices in such a manner as to be able to attain the goals and objectives and perform their functions and duties under the Code. 3.1 For purposes of organizing the offices of Building Officials and determining the staffing pattern thereof, districts (provinces) cities and municipalities shall be classified and grouped based on their average annual income for the last three years as follows: Group I – Shall include all cities and municipalities in Metro-Manila and all first class cities with a minimum income of P10 M and above. Group II – Shall include all districts (provinces) citi...
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