Building Code of the Philippines(1)

The above cited implementing rules and regulations of

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Unformatted text preview: ding permit, the Building Official, shall without delay indorse a copy of such permit to the CLFS and require him to undertake the necessary inspection of the building during its construction in accordance with the FCP and its implementing rules and regulations. The results and frequency of these inspections shall be duly entered into the Construction Logbook sheet and the same shall be reported in writing to the Building Official for appropriate action. 2. Upon submission of the Certificate of Completion of Construction by the engineer or achitect in Charge of Construction, the Building Official shall notify the CLFS, to conduct his final Inspection and require him to submit his Fire Safety Inspection Certificate within five (5) working days from receipt of notification; Provided, that in case of non-issuance, suspension or revocation of said certificate of fire safety inspection by the CLFS, he shall so state in writing the reasons or grounds therefor. 3. After final inspection requirements of the NBC and the FCP are complied with, the Building Official shall issue the Certificate of Use or Occupancy, a copy of which shall be provided to the CLFS. C. POST-CONSTRUCTION PHASE: 1. The Building Official and the CLFS shall inspect buildings or structures jointly or separately to determine compliance with the provisions of the NBC and the FCP and their implementing rules and regulations. Inc ase of separate inspection; a) Violations of the NBC or the FCP noted by the CLFS, requiring corrective measures involving alteration, modification, repair, etc., of the building/structure including architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, sanitary and plumbing, light and ventilation system, etec., shall be reported to the Building Official for appropriate action. b) Violations of the FCP or the NBC noted by the Building Official pertaining to fire-prevention, detection and warning, suppression and protection shall be reported to the CLFS for appropriate action. 2. The Building Official shall conduct annual inspection of buildings and structures to determine compliance with land use, architectural, structural, sanitary, plumbing, eletrical, and mechanical requirements. 3. The CLFS shall conduct regular inspection of buildings and their premises for the purpose of checking on potential sources of fire and the proper maintenance of fire protection, suppression, prevention and/or warning system. D. ABATEMENT/DEMOLITION: 1. The Director General, INP or his duly authorized representative and the Building Official shall exercise authority relating to the abatement/demolition of hazardous and/or ruinuous building and structures and/or any portion thereof in accordance with their respective powers and functions under the FCP and NBC. However, when such authority is being exercised by either one of them, it shall be incumbent upon the other to extend his assistance to the former. For this purpose, the following procedure/arrangement shall be observed: a) The INP shal...
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