Building Code of the Philippines(1)

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Unformatted text preview: glass is glazed. SECTION 1802. Area Lamination Exterior glass and glazing shall be capable of safely withstanding the load due to wind pressures for various height zones above ground acting inward or outward. The area of individual lights shall not be more than the maximum allowable area of glass according to the wind load multiplied by the appropriate adjustment factor. SECTION 1803. Glazing Glass firmly supported on all four edges shall be glazed with minimum laps and edge clearances in accordance with Section 1801 paragraph (b), Provided, that glass edge clearance in fixed openings shall be not less than what is required for wind and earthquake drift. For glass not firmly supported on all four edges and design shall be submitted for approval of the Building Official. Glass supports shall be considered firm when deflection of the support at design load does not exceed 1/175 of the span. SECTION 1804. Louvered Windows Regular plate, sheet, or patterned glass in jalousies and louvered windows shall not be thinner than 5.6 millimeters minimal and not longer than 1.20 meters. Exposed glass edges shall be smooth. SECTION 1805. Impact Frameless glass doors, glass in doors, fixed glass panels, and similar glazed openings which may be subject to accidental human impact shall conform with the requirements set forth by the Secretary on impact loads of glass: Except in the following cases; (1) Bathtub and shower enclosures shall be constructed from approved shatter-resistant materials, such as: wire-reinforced glass not less than 5.6 millimeters thick; fully tampered glass not less than 4.8 millimeters thick; or laminated safety glass not less than 6.4 millimeters thick. (2) Glass lights located not less than 450 millimeters above the adjacent finished floor walking surface. (3) Glass lights when the least dimension is not greater than 450 millimeters. (4) Glass lights 1.50 square meters or less in area. CHAPTER 19 THE USE OF COMPUTERS SECTION 1901. General Rule The use of computers for all or any part of the design of buildings under this Code is permitted provided that all programs to be used are documented. SECTION 1902. Program Documentation Documenting a program under this Code consists of filing with the Building Official a reference to a publication or publications accessible to him where the detailed description of the program or a brief statement of the theoretical background of the program including a description of the algorithms used as found. SECTION 1903. Submission of Computer-Generated Computations A copy of the output sheets for computer-generated computations shall be submitted as a part of the design computations. The out sheets shall be accompanied by a certification of a designer and/or consultant that the output sheets are the results obtained through the use of documented programs. The certification should include the identification of the specific program used for each portion of the computer-generated computations being submitted. CH...
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