Building Code of the Philippines(1)

To produce refrigeration external inspection an

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Unformatted text preview: draulic power plants, pumping plants, refrigerating plants, air conditioning plants, mill shops, factories, foundries shipyards, etc. containing any mechanical equipment, machinery or process, driven by steam, internal or external combustion fuel, electricity, gas, air, water, heat, chemicals or other prime movers. MOVING WALK - A type of horizontal passenger-carrying device on which passengers stand or walk, with its surface remaining parallel to its direction of motion and is uninterrupted. POINT OF OPERATION - That part of a machine which performs an operation on the stock or material and/or that place or location where stock or material is fed to the machine. A machine may have more than one point of operation. PORTABLE BOILER - An internally fired boiler which is self-contained, primarily intended for temporary location. POWER TRANSMISSION MACHINERY - A shaft, wheel, drum, pulley, system of fast and loose pulleys, coupling, clutch, driving belt, V-belt sheaves and belts, chains and sprockets, gearing, torque connectors, conveyors, hydraulic couplings, magnetic couplings, speed reducers or increases or any device by which the motion of an engine is transmitted to or received by another machine. PRIME MOVER - An engine or motor operated by steam, gas, air, electricity, liquid or gaseous fuels, liquids in motion or other forms of energy whose main function is to drive or operate, either directly or indirectly, other mechanical equipment. PROCESS MACHINE - An equipment designed and operated for a specific purpose. REFRIGERANT - A substance which produces a refrigerating effect by its absorption of heat while expanding or evaporating. TON OF REFRIGERATION - The useful refrigerating effect equal to 12,000 BTU/hour; 200 BTU/minute. TRAVELING CABLE - A cable made up of electric conductors which provides electrical connection between an elevator or dumbwaiter car and a fixed outlet in the hoistway. UNFIRED PRESSURE VESSEL - A vessel in which pressure is obtained from an external source or from in indirect application of heat. VENTILATION - Process of supplying or removing air by natural or mechanical means to or from any space. 2. Guarding of Moving and Dangerous Parts: All prime movers, machines and machine parts, power transmission equipment shall be so guarded, shielded, fenced or enclosed to protect any person against exposure to or accidental contact with dangerous moving parts. 3. Cranes: 3.1 Access to the case or machine house shall be by means of a conveniently placed stationary ladder, stairs or platforms requiring a step-over, that no gap exceeding 300 millimeters is allowed. 3.2 Adequate means shall be provided for cranes having revolving cabs or machine houses, to permit the operator to enter or leave the crane cab and reach the ground safely, irrespective of its position. 3.3 Cages, cabs or machine houses on cranes shall be enclosed to protect operator during inclement weather. 3.4 A gong or other effective warning device shall be mounted on...
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