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Building Code of the Philippines(1)

To qualified persons locks and latches shall be so

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Unformatted text preview: rmer or bank of transformers. Automatic dampers should be designed and constructed to minimize the possibility of accidental closing. 10.1.6 DUCTS. Ventilating ducts shall be constructed of fire resistant material. 10.1.7 DRAINAGE. Where practicable, vaults containing more than 100 KVA transformer capacity shall be provided with a drain or other means which will carry off any accumulation of oil or water in the vaults unless local conditions make this impracticable. the floor shall be pitched to the drain when provided. 10.1.8 WATER PIPES AND ACCESSORIES. Any pipe or duct system foreign to the electrical installation should not enter or pass through a transformer vault. Where the presence of such foreign system cannot be avoided, appurtenances thereto which require maintenance at regular intervals shall not be located inside the vault. Arrangements shall be made where necessary to avoid possible trouble from compensation, leaks and breaks in such foreign system. Piping or other facilities provided for fire protection or for water-cooled transformers are not deemed to be foreign to the electrical installation. 11. C A P A C I T O R S 11.1 Application. This Section applies to installation of capacitors on electric circuits in or on buildings. Exception No. 1. Capacitors that are components of other apparatus shall conform to the requirements for such apparatus. Exception No. 2. Capacitors in hazardous locations shall comply with additional requirements in PEC Section 400-415. 11.2 Location. An installation of capacitors in which any single unit contains more than three gallons of combustible liquid shall be in a vault conforming to part C of PEC Section 319. 11.3 Mechanical Protection. Capacitors shall be protected from physical damage by location or by suitable fences, barriers or other enclosures. 11.4 Cases and Supports. supports. 11.5 Transformers Used With Capacitors. Transformers which are components of capacitor installations and are used for the purpose of connecting the capacitor to a power circuit shall be installed in accordance with PEC Section 319. The KVA rating shall not be less than 135 per cent of the capacitor rating in Kvar. Capacitors shall be provided with non-combustible cases and 12. Emergency Systems 12.1 The provisions of this Section shall apply to the installation, operation and maintenance of circuits, systems and equipment intended to supply illumination and power in the event of failure of the normal supply or in the event of accident to elements of a system supplying power and illumination essential for safety to life and property where such systems or circuits are required by the Fire Code, or by any government agency having jurisdiction. Emergency systems are generally installed in places of assembly where artificial illumination is required, such as buildings subject to occupancy by large numbers of persons, hotels, theaters, sports arenas, hospitals and similar institutions. Emergency systems provide power for such functi...
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