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Tot he mpw chief accountant with his monthly report

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Unformatted text preview: e undertaken by the officer designated by the Head of the bank branch. 3. Reporting Collections of Building Permit Fees and other Charges (Ref: COA General Circular NO. 78-78). 3.1 Pending decentralization of the accounting service the reports of field offices (districts and regions) shall be prepared in five copies, distributed as follows after verification by the field/local auditor in accordance with GAO Gen. Circular No. 133 dated 1 September 1975. Original - To the Central Office Auditor (thru the Central Office Accountant for recording). Duplicate (with duplicate - To the regional or field/local auditor official receipts and validated for final custody. quintuplicate remittance advices) Triplicate (with validated - To the Central Office Accountant quadruplicate remittances (for posting to the corresponding advices) subsidiary ledgers). Quadruplicate (with triplicate - To be retained by the field collecting official receipts and officer. validated sextuplicate Quintuplicate - regional/district office accounting file 3.1.1 3.2 The field collecting officer shall certify all the copies of the report and submit the first three (3) copies to his field auditor within three (3) days after the end of the month for audit. The field auditor shall verify the report, cross-check the remittances indicated therein against the quintuplicate copies of remittance advices he receives/received from the bank auditor of the national collecting officer concerned indicate his certification thereon and finally submits the original and triplicate copies thereof to the MPW Auditor thru the MPW Chief Accountant within five (5) days from date of receipt from the field collecting officer. Crediting of Accounts of National Collecting Officers In the monthly report of collections, specifically at the bank thereof, is a statement of account current showing the accountability of the national collecting officer. The MPW Chief Accountant shall cross-check the validated quadruplicate remittance advices attached to the duplicate copy of the monthly report of collections against the remittances made by the National Collecting Officer with the National Treasury of any of its authorized depository banks as appearing in the statement of account current. After the cross-checking, and in the absence of any discrepancy, the MPW Chief Accountant shall credit the account of the national collecting officer even without the monthly abstract of remittances from the National Treasury in case of Central Accounting Offices. 4. Safeguards 4.1 Upon receipt of the monthly abstract of remittances from the National Treasury, the remittances appearing therein shall be counter checked by the MPW Chief Accountant against the credits already given the collecting officers concerned and any discrepancies discovered in the process shall be verified and adjusted immediately. 4.2 In case the retirement of resignation by the collecting officers, their clearances shall be held in abeyance until their remittances ha...
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