Building Code of the Philippines(1)

Which shall be limited in an area to 750 square

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Unformatted text preview: 1,300 square centimeters. There shall be not more than three combination ports, each of which shall not exceed 750 millimeters by 600 millimeters. Each port opening shall be completely covered with a pane of glass: Except, that when acetate safety film is used, projection ports may be increased in size to an area not to exceed 4,500 square centimeters. (2) Shutters – Each port and every other opening in projection room walls, including, any fresh-air inlets but excluding exit doors and exhaust ducts, shall be provided with a shutter of not less than 2.4 millimeters thick sheet metal or its equivalent large enough to overlap at least 25 millimeters on all sides of such openings. Shutters shall be arranged to slide without binding in guides constructed of material equal to the shutters in strength and fire-resistance. Each shutter shall be equipped with a 74° fusible link, which when fused by heat will cause closure of the shutter by gravity. Shutters of a size greater than 1,300 square centimeters shall be equipped with a counter-balance. There shall also be a fusible link located over the upper magazine of each projector, which upon operating, will close all the shutters simultaneously from any projector head and from a point within the projection room near each exit door. Shutters on openings not in use shall be kept closed: Except, that shutters may be omitted when only acetate safety film is used. (e) Ventilation – (1) Inlet – A fresh-air inlet from the exterior of the building not less than 900 square centimeters and protected with wire netting, shall be installed within 50 millimeters of the floor in every projection room, the source of which shall be remote from other outside vents or flues. (2) Outlets – Ventilation shall be provided by one or more mechanical exhaust systems which shall draw air from each arc lamp housing to out-doors either directly or through an incombustible flue used for no other purpose. Exhaust capacity shall not be less than 0.50 cubic meter nor more than 1.40 cubic meter per minute for each arc lamp plus 5.60 cubic meters for the room itself. Systems shall be controlled from within the enclosure and shall have pilot lights to indicate operation. The exhaust systems serving the projection room may be extended to cover rooms associated therewith such as rewind rooms. No dampers shall be installed in such exhaust systems. Ventilation of these rooms shall not be connected in any way with ventilating or air-conditioning systems serving other portions of the building. Exhaust ducts shall be of incombustible material and shall either be kept 25 millimeters from combustible material or covered with 10 millimeters of incombustible heat-insulating material. (f) Regulation of Equipment – All shelves, fixtures, and fixed equipment in a projection room shall be constructed of incombustible materials. All films not in actual use shall be stored in metal cabinets having individual compartments for reels or shall be in generall...
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