Building Code of the Philippines(1)

With a chimney fire retardant treated wood lumber or

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Unformatted text preview: spread of not over 25 and show no evidence of progressive combustion. The fire-retardant properties shall not be considered permanent when exposed to the weather. FIRST STOREY The storey the floor of which is at or above the level of the sidewalk or adjoining ground, the remaining storeys being numbered in regular succession upward. FLOOR AREA The area included within the surrounding exterior walls of a building or portion thereof, exclusive of vent shafts and courts. The floor area of a building or portion thereof, not provided with surrounding exterior walls shall be the usable area under the horizontal projection of the roof or floor above. FOOTING That portion of the foundation of a structure which spreads and transmits loads directly to the soil or the pile. FOUNDATION All the portions of the building or structure below the footing, the earth upon which the structure rests. GARAGE A building or portion thereof in which a motor vehicle containing gasoline, distillate, or other volative, flammable liquid in its tank, is stored, repaired, or kept. GARAGE, COMMERCIAL A garage where automobiles and other motor vehicle are housed, cared for, equipped, repaired or kept for remuneration, hire, or sale. GARAGE, OPEN PARKING A structure of one or more tiers in height which is at least 50 percent open on two or more sides and is used exclusively for the parking or storage of passenger motor vehicles having a capacity of not more than nine persons per vehicle. Open parking garages are further classified as either ramp-access or mechanical-access. Ramp-access, open parking garages are those employing a series of continuously rising floors permitting the movement of vehicles under their own power from and to the street level. Mechanical access parking garages are those employing parking machines, lifts, elevators, or other mechanical services for vehicles moving from and to street level and in which public occupancy is prohibited above the street level. GARAGE PRIVATE A building or a portion of a building in which only motor vehicles used by the tenants of the building or buildings on the premises are stored or kept. GIRDER A horizontal structural piece which supports the end of the floor beams or joists or walls over opening. GRADE (ADJACENT GROUND ELEVATION) The lowest point of elevation of the finished surface of the ground level between the exterior wall of a building and a point 1.50 meters distant from said wall, or the lowest point of elevation of the finished surface of the ground between the exterior wall of a building and a property line if it is less than 1.50 meters distant from said wall. In case walls are parallel to and within 1.50 meters of a public sidewalk, alley, or other public way, the grade shall be the elevation of the sidewalk, alley’ or public way. GROUND FLOOR The storey at or near the level of the grade, the other storeys, beginning with second, for the first next above, shall be designated by the successive floor numbers count...
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