Building Code of the Philippines(1)

With them unless otherwise enclosed or guarded on

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Unformatted text preview: side being used for loading or unloading. Protection shall be in the form of barricades not less than 1.20 meters high along or near the edges of such openings, or guard rails not less than 91 mm. high, places not less than 600 mm. distant at all points from the edges of such openings. If guard rails are used, toe boards shall be provided along the edges of the openings. Sides left open for loading or unloading shall be guarded by similar solid doors or gates. 4.10.2 All floor openings used as stairways or for the accommodation of ladders or runways shall be guarded by railings and toe boards. 4.10.3 All other floor openings shall be protected on all sides by solid barriers not less than 910 mm. high, or by railings and tow boards, or shall be planked over or covered over by temporary construction capable of sustaining safely such loads as are likely to come thereon. 4.10.4 4.10.5 4.11 Barriers for the protection of openings used as hoistways or for elevators shall be constructed so that workers cannot thrust head, arms or legs through them, and loose materials cannot fall or be pushed into the shaftway. Bariers guard rails around floor openings shall remain in place until permanent enclosed or protection are otherwise provided. Guard Rails and Tow Boards 4.11.1 Guard rails, when required under this Rule, shall have the to rail not less than 910 mm. high above the platform level. An intermediate rail shall be provided between the top rail and the platform. All guard rails shall have adequate supports not more than 2.40 meters apart. Every guard rails shall be constructed to withstand a horizontal force of 30 kgs. per meter. 4.11.2 Toe boards, whenever required under this Rule, shall be solid to full height, and shall extended not less than 150 mm. above the platform level and shall be placed to firt close to the edges of the platform. They shall be adequately supported, secured and braced along the entire length to resist the impact of workers' feet and the shifting of materials. Toe boards of wood shall be not less than 25 mm. nominal thickness, with supports not more than 1.20 meters apart. Toe boards of metal shall be not less than 3.175 mm. thick, with supports not more than 1.20 meters apart. 5. Demolition 5.1 Precaution before demolition 5.1.1 5.1.2 All fittings attached to the building and connected to any street lighting system, electrical supply or other utilities shall be removed. 5.1.3 All electric power shall be shut off and all electric service lines shall be cut and disconnected by the power company at or outside the property line. 5.1.4 All gas, water and other utility service lines shall be shut off and cut or capped, or otherwise controlled at or outside the building line. In each case, as also in 5.1.3 above, the utility company involved shall be notified in advance and its approval or cooperation obtained. 5.1.5 No electric cable or other apparatus, other than those especially required for use in connection with the demolition...
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