towards the end of poverty

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Unformatted text preview: th. Rais ing people abov e that lev el of wretc hednes s is not a s uffic ient am bition for a pros perous planet, but it is a nec es s ary one. Related topics India Africa Harry S. Truman The world’s ac hiev em ent in the field of pov erty reduc tion is , by alm os t any m eas ure, im pres s iv e. Although m any of the original M DGs —s uc h as c utting m aternal m ortality by three­ Follow The Economist China Latest blog posts ­ All times are GMT Business L ib ya's o il: Still blocked Pomegr anate ­ 1 hour 23 mins ago quarters and c hild m ortality by two­thirds —will not be m et, the aim of halv ing global pov erty between 1990 and 2015 was ac hiev ed fiv e y ears early . Iran : A visit from the sultan The M DGs m ay hav e helped m arginally , by c reating a y ards tic k for m eas uring progres s , Pomegr anate ­ 1 hour 40 mins ago and by foc us ing m inds on the ev il of pov erty . M os t of the c redit, howev er, m us t go to c apitalis m and free trade, for they enable ec onom ies to grow—and it was growth, princ ipally , that has eas ed des titution. Kan t an d Syria's civil war: T rigger unhappy Pov erty rates s tarted to c ollaps e towards the end of the 20th c entury largely bec aus e Democ r ac y in Amer ic a ­ 2 hour s 28 mins ago dev eloping­c ountry growth ac c elerated, from an av erage annual rate of 4.3% in 1960­2000 to 6% in 2000­10. Around two­thirds of pov erty reduc tion within a c ountry c om es from T h e Eco n o mist's valu ab les in d ex: Where to park those spare millions growth. Greater equality als o helps , c ontributing the other third. A 1% inc reas e in inc om es in Fr ee ex c hange ­ Aug 27th, 18:22 the m os t unequal c ountries produc es a m ere 0.6% reduc tion in pov erty ; in the m os t equal c ountries , it y ields a 4.3% c ut. In d ia's maln o u rish ed : A political plan Feas t and famine ­ Aug 27th, 17:51 China (whic h has nev er s hown any interes t in M DGs ) is res pons ible for three­quarters of the ac hiev em ent. Its ec onom y has been growing s o fas t that, ev en though inequality is ris ing fas t, ex trem e pov erty is dis appearing. China pulled 680m people out of m is ery in Daily ch art: Keep calm and camp 1981­2010, and reduc ed its ex trem e­pov erty rate from 84% in 1980 to 10% now. G r aphic detail ­ Aug 27th, 15:50 That is one reas on why (as the briefing ex plains ) it will be harder to tak e a billion m ore people out of ex trem e pov erty in the nex t 20 y ears than it was to tak e alm os t a billion out in the pas t 20. Poorer gov ernanc e in India and Afric a, the nex t two targets , m eans that China’s America, Syria an d ch emical weap o n s: Guttering, choking, drowning ex perienc e is unlik ely to be s wiftly replic ated there. Another reas on is that the bare Democ r ac y in Amer ic a ­ Aug 27th, 12:25 ac hiev em ent of pulling people ov er the $1.25­a­day line has been relativ ely eas y in the pas t few y ears bec aus e s o m any people were jus t below it. When growth m ak e...
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