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towards the end of poverty

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Unformatted text preview: obs" Self­h elp : Be a sociopath—or just act like one Ath eism in In d ia: He’s not the son of Go d F o llo w T h e Eco n o mist o n T witter Subscribe to T he Economist's latest article postings on T witter L earn in g En g lish : Johnson: How hard is English? How weird? F aceb o o k is b ad fo r yo u : Get a life! Stay informed today and every day Get e­mail n ewsletters Subscribe to T he Economist's free e­mail newsletters and alerts. F o llo w T h e Eco n o mist o n F aceb o o k See a selection of T he Economist's articles, events, topical videos and debates on F acebook. Ads by Google ”免费”在线英语培训网站 每天4 5 分钟搞定英语难题,轻松学英语! 职场晋升必 备,VIPABC专业外教现身传授 www.vipabc.com.cn Related items World Bank evaluations T OPIC: In d ia » T OPIC: Africa » Money talks: August 19th 2013: If Bill Ackman were a stock... The Economist/FT survey: Global business barometer India’s financial crisis: Through the keyhole Britain’s Somalis: The road is long Mobile advertising in India: Marketing a missed call Trafficking in north Africa: Boom boom T OPIC: Harry S. T ru man » T OPIC: Ch in a » Presidents and the economy: Second­term blues China’s economy: No hard landing Daily chart: Mid­term blues Bo Xilai’s trial: Pacifying the Maoists Inflation, deflation and asset allocation: One­ armed economists In d ep en d en t Ev alu atio n Gro u p (IEG) Do wn lo ad Wo rld Ban k rep o rts The week in charts: Goodies and baddies ieg.WorldBankGroup.org Nigeria Oil and Gas Info Big g est On lin e Oil & Gas Reso u rce: Gateway to West Africa ! www.GulfOilAndGas.com Advertisement Mo re related to p ics: Business Economics Poverty Want m ore? Subs c ribe to The Ec onom is t and get the week 's m os t relev ant news and analy s is . Contact us My account Sectio n s United States Britain Europe China A s ia Americas Middle East & Africa Business & finance Economics Markets & data Blo g s Americas view Analects Babbage Banyan Baobab Blighty Buttonwood' s notebook Charlemagne Democracy in America Eastern approaches Research an d in sig h ts Topics Economics A­Z Special reports Style guide The W orld in 2013 W hich MBA? The Economist GMAT Tutor Reprints and permissions T h e Eco n o mist Gro u p » Science & technology Culture Multimedia library Subscribe Print edition Erasmus Feast and famine Free exchange Game theory Graphic detail Gulliver Newsbook Pomegranate Prospero Schumpeter The Economist explains Deb ate an d d iscu ssio n The Economist debates W hat the world thinks Letters to the editor The Economist Quiz Digital editions Events The Economist Intelligence Unit The Economist Intelligence Unit Store The Economist Corporate Network Ideas People Media Intelligent Life Roll Call CQ EuroFinance The Economist Store Jobs.Economist.com View co mp lete site in d ex » Classified ads Speec hwr iter /Editor As s is tant Pr ofes s or , G lobal Is s ues … Jo b s. eco n o mi st. co m Jo b s. eco n o mi st. co m Contact us Help About us Campaigns Manager Jo b s. eco n o mi st. co m Advertise with us Editorial Staff Dean of Fac ulty Jo b s. eco n o mi st. co m Staff Books Copyright © The Economist Newspaper Limited 2013. All rights reserved. C a re e rs Accessibility Chair , Youth J us tic e Boar d for Engl… Dir ec tor of Res ear c h and Communic at… Jo b s. eco n o mi st. co m Jo b s. eco n o mi st. co m Site index Privacy policy [+] Site Feedback Cookies info Terms of use...
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