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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology ANTH 0780 Fall 2007 Essay Assignment #1 Essay Assignment: Read the article Body Ritual Among the Nacirema, by Horace Miner. This article can be accessed through our course website at Then, answer each of the following questions in your response essay: What is your reaction to the article? Does the author in any way make you think differently about American culture? What do you think about the Nacirema and their way of life? Are there any ethnocentric attitudes present in the article? How do these compare with Turnbull’s description of the villagers in The Forest People? What do you think is the main point, and why do you think the author wrote this article? All four questions must be addressed in your essay . The essay must have a title (be creative), introduction, supporting arguments, and a conclusion. While writing this essay, also keep in mind that how your arguments are presented is just as important as what you choose to say. Obviously, a simple yes or no answer is not satisfactory!
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