Abraham and Mencius

Abraham and Mencius - Flynn 1 Shellbe Flynn Irby Western...

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Flynn Shellbe Flynn Irby Western Heritage in a Global Context 30 October 2007 The Travels and Conversations of Mencius and Abraham One sunny Monday in New York City, two seemingly opposite men were amidst the river of foot traffic rushing its way down a dirty, concrete sidewalk. There were businessmen and women dressed in their office best from head to ankle with running shoes on their feet, because one never knows if a stampede will break out mid 54 th street. The bobbing heads of school children were barely visible through the mess of shoulders and briefcases, but every now and then you could glimpse a miniature Mets baseball cap or a brightly colored backpack. The homeless began emerging from their boxes or sleeping backs, still in their drug induced states of the previous night. Storeowners jingled keys, city works swept sidewalks… it was the beginning of a Monday just like any other. Suddenly the two seemingly opposite men collided. “Argggg!” one cried, as his steaming hot, double espresso Starbucks poured down his chest. Then, without a second thought, he reached out, took the second man’s earl grey tea, and poured it on his head. “An eye for an eye” he said, daring the man to challenge his actions. “You were born neither good nor evil, my friend,” the man replied, “but it seems to be that you have chosen the wrong path for your human nature. You can be good.” “I am good – but I do as my God tells me to do. In the Holy Bible, he says ‘an eye for an eye’. Thus, if you spill my coffee on me, then I will spill your tea on you.” 1
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Flynn The two men looked at each other for a moment, not sure what to do next. It was, you have to admit, not the typical Monday morning commute that these men were experiencing. Finally, Mr. Earl Grey bent low and bowed to Mr. Espresso. “I am Confucius,” he said, “walk with me. Tell me of your Way.” The other man laughed and began to walk off without saying a word when he remembered something else his God had told him to do: welcome other’s into the light, and convert them to Christianity. If there was ever a man he could help, this seemed to be him. “Why not?” he eventually heaved, as he brought a cigarette to his lips. So
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Abraham and Mencius - Flynn 1 Shellbe Flynn Irby Western...

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