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campus audit - Flynn Shellbe Flynn Professor Ormsby...

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Unformatted text preview: Flynn Shellbe Flynn Professor Ormsby Introduction to Environmental Studies 4 December 2007 Car Usage Campus Audit Introduction I dont have a license . Personally, Ive never needed to get one where I live we ride bikes or walk . While at Eckerd, Ive noticed that there are so many cars on campus. Ive also noticed that people drive to places that are less than a mile or two away all the time . So, I decided to do my audit on driving and car usage on campus. I wanted to discover how many students actually had cars at school with them, where they drive to the most often, and if students are carpooling as much as they can . My hypothesis was that students arent driving conscious and that they dont really consider the effects that their driving has on the environment . We have 1,078 students with registered vehicles on campus (Whitestone) . With only ----- students in the entire college, thats a pretty big number . Then, you must factor in the faculty that drives to school every day . Eckerd College is a small place, but I thought that are carbon emissions and pollution in general was far too high . 1 Flynn Methods To find out what Eckerd students are really thinking about their car usage, I decided to collect information through a survey (see appendix) . They survey asked students about their driving habits, including miles driven a week, how often they carpool, and where they travel to the most in cars . I also thought it was important to ask if students who do not have a car here now are hoping to have one in the future . This survey was handed our to 60 randomly selected students from an array of majors, grades and dorms . We surveyed 26 males and 35 females, and then tallied and graphed their answers ....
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course ES 172 taught by Professor Ormsby during the Fall '07 term at Eckerd.

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campus audit - Flynn Shellbe Flynn Professor Ormsby...

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