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1938 oil on canvas 333 432 cm 131 8 17 philadelphia

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Unformatted text preview: itle of the work to know that it is a depiction of a bicycle race. What is unique about Ruiz’s painting is the perspective of the event he shows us. We, the viewers, stand directly in the path of the leading cyclists as they bear down on the finish line! Notice that Ruiz creates the illusion of deep space by using all six perspective techniques: overlapping of objects, size, placement, detail, color, and converging lines. Note also that, despite the crowds of people in the painting, Ruiz fills his composition with space and light by placing most of the people at the sides of the road. SUPPLIES Digital camera or scanner Computer Image-editing or paint program Printing paper Sketchbook and pencil Graphics drawing tablet (optional) 126 CHAPTER 5 Shape, Form, and Space What You Will Learn In this project, you will create a digital genre scene that creates the illusion of deep space. A genre scene is an artwork depicting an event from everyday life— in this case, from your own. As in Figure 5.37, you will use as many of the six perspective techniques as you can. Using a digital or traditional camera, you will capture an ordinary, everyday scene or event. Then you will import or scan the images into an image-editing or paint application to experiment with perspective techniques. Creating Think for a moment about everyday experiences or places that have a special meaning for you. List them. Make notes and sketches in your sketchbook. Plan how you will draw from your experiences to create the visual solutions for your scene. Will there be one or more people in your scene? Will you place yourself in the scene? Apply perspective techniques to help you create the illusion of depth. Place larger, more vividly colored and detailed shapes in the foreground. Overlap some objects. Make the scene unique. Consider photographing the genre scene from a unique angle to take advantage of converging lines. Step 1 List every person or object you will need to stage your scene. When everything is set up, take several images of your subject in its space from different angles. Step 2 Download your digital images or scan your photos into the computer, and select your best composition. Get opinions from your classmates and teacher to help you select your strongest image. Evaluating Your Work DESCRIBE What experience did you draw from for your genre scene? Do people appear in the setting? Did you add extra objects? What were they? What kind of a camera did you use? How did you download the image into the computer? What software tools did you use to modify your digital image? ANALYZE Did you achieve the illusion of deep space in your image? Compare and contrast the perspective techniques you used to create deep space. INTERPRET Were you successful in expressing your feelings about the place or event? Give the image a title that sums up the feelings or mood you were trying to express. JUDGE Were you successful in staging your genre scene to achieve the illusion of depth? Use one or m...
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