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Journal from Medea's point of View

Journal from Medea's point of View - Judy Councell October...

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Judy Councell October 11 th , 2007 Medea Revisited A JOURNAL FROM MEDEA’S POINT OF VIEW January 4 th , 2006 Finally! A moment from my family to indulge in the one Christmas gift I think I could actually use at this point in my life. My four younger siblings and I all started school again today, and thank goodness I only have one semester left. It’s quite late now; I’ve just put all the kids to bed and despite how exhausted I feel. ..this journal was calling me. I’ve never thought of love very seriously, perhaps because it seems so fake and far-fetched in the way society presents it. I couldn’t help it today though, when a boy that I’ve never noticed before became… quite noticeable. I can’t look into it though, the glances I thought I saw him steal at me I’m sure were just my imagination. No…no, I have to focus on the family. Not only the one in this house, but the family I have in this entire small town. Mining has been the way of life here since we moved, and nearly all my aunts, uncles, and cousins live here as well. Talk about responsibility and being watched like a hawk…I swear there are some traditions I’d love to break out of but they’re all I’ve ever known. My younger siblings are my life, and with my mother dead… I have become the sole caretaker because our Dad works constantly. And when I have a free moment, it’s most often spent taking care of young cousins, nephews and nieces whose parents are gone and need help providing for them. That’s my job and it’s what I know.
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January 28 th , 2006 I’ve never been especially fond of school. Partly because it’s never been a priority for me, but mostly because the majority of my peers involve themselves with drama and egotistical ventures I don’t have the time or will to partake in. These past few weeks have been different though. Jason, the boy I foolishly thought was looking my way…gasp… was actually doing that! I’ve even managed to carry quite a few conversations with him and I keep finding myself lost in thoughts and daydreams where he graciously takes center stage. He’s asked me on a date tonight and I honestly don’t know where my sense has gone. My heart has been beating so loudly and my stomach moving and twisting in ways I’ve never felt. Telling my father about tonight will not be easy…I’ll have to find some way to work things around like I always do. March 10 th , 2006 Jason. Oh how my heart yearns to bring you joy in this moment of deepest sadness. Your two younger siblings have passed away and the world seems harsher right now than any coalmine in this town. From the moment of their death to the day of the funeral we had not spoken. Although I desperately wanted to love and help him, I knew from the death of my mother that talking to people again must be determined on your own time. When I came to embrace you afterwards though, through your tear stained eyes I could see the gratitude in my understanding. “Stay near me” you uttered. And with all the staying and
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Journal from Medea's point of View - Judy Councell October...

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