Things with other children and always tell the truth

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Unformatted text preview: those who are unhappy, and people who do not know or love God. (CCC 544, 2214-2217, 2401, 2464, 2443-2445) 9. Our parents, who give us life, love and provide for us, are a very special gift from God. Playmates and classmates are meant to be our friends. Friends are also gifts from God. We are grateful to God for all the beautiful gifts He has given us. (CCC 2215) Note to Catechist: The heart of Catholic Social Teaching is ultimately to lead people to God. The Ten Commandments provide the foundation for Catholic Social Teaching. (CCC 2104-2105) 10. After we participate in the Sacraments, above all the Holy Eucharist, Jesus gives us the strength to go forth to love and serve Him by loving and serving our neighbor. (CCC 1397, 1396, 1391-1395) 11. God desires that we share what we have been given with others: a) Spiritual gifts - the gift of faith and knowledge about God b) Temporal gifts - our material possessions that have been given to us by God. The Diocese of La Crosse is committed, in particular, to the orphanage Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II in Lurin, Peru and to the care of the Holy Cross Parish in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. (Synod Acts #184) Project Milk and the Lenten Mite Boxes are an especially important means of providing assistance to the Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II and Holy Cross Parish and are to be faithfully promoted. (Synod Acts #188) 12. God has given us everything. We need to show our gratitude to God by respecting and taking care of all His gifts. This is what we call stewardship. (CCC 2402, 2408) 13. God calls each person by name and has a special plan for his/her life (cf. Isaiah 43:1). Every Christian is called by God to be holy, to love and serve Him and his/her neighbor with the help of His grace. Each person is invited to a personal friendship with Jesus Christ. (CCC 2167, 1604) 14. We were created to do God’s will on earth and to have interior peace and joy and so that when we die, we can live with Him in Heaven. (CCC 1023-1024) August 6th, 2005 Transfiguration of our Lord Diocese of La Crosse Page 12 of 16 Grade 1 IV. Christian Prayer Prayer is an essential way we respond to God who loved us first. Prayer is necessary if we are to know God personally and to do His will. Living the Christian life is impossible without prayer. In First Grade, students should review for greater understanding the following Truths of Faith except where a teaching is to be introduced and is bolded. Scriptures that are bolded are new for this grade. 1. Prayer is talking with and listening to Jesus. We are called to pray every day with our families. (CCC 2559, 2659-2660, 2565, 2615) 2. We can pray everyday first of all by listening to Jesus and then responding in our singing and praising, telling Jesus that we love Him, that we are sorry. We can thank Him and ask Him to help us to be good. (CCC 2644-2649, 2709) 3. We show our love for Jesus by being devoted to His Sacred Heart. This is the devotion to the love of God, which is symbolized by the Heart of Christ. (C...
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