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Unformatted text preview: went to weddings, was friendly to sinners and forgave sinners. (CCC 548-549, 545) 2. A sacrament is a sacred sign instituted by Christ to give grace. We are very close to Jesus when we receive the Sacraments. We need the Sacraments. God gives us grace in the Sacraments. Grace is a share in God’s life. God gives grace to angels and to us. (CCC 1114, 1131, 1210-1212, 1265-1266) 3. Grace helps us to treat people the way God wants us to (to live by His Commandments) and to say yes to God’s love. When we do something wrong, we ask God and the other person we have hurt or disobeyed to forgive us. In turn, we should forgive others as God forgives us. (CCC 1889, 2082, 2074-2075, 2838) 4. Sunday is the Lord’s Day. It is the day that Jesus rose from the dead and for this reason, we are to attend Mass and devote time to family, leisure, rest and works of charity. At Mass, we pray to Jesus and He blesses us. (CCC 2174-2176, 2184, 2172) 5. Jesus shows His love for us by giving Himself to us in the Holy Eucharist. (CCC 1337) 6. The bread and wine becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus when the priest prays Jesus’ words, “This is My Body. . . This is My Blood. . .Do this in remembrance of Me.” The Eucharist (Holy Communion) is no longer ordinary bread. (CCC 1352, 1353) 7. Students should know the names and meanings of the following sacred vessels and sacramentals: tabernacle, holy water, chalice, paten, candle, altar, and crucifix. (CCC 1145-1148, 1182, 1383, 1668) 8. The following liturgical gestures are outward signs that reflect our inward love and respect for God: genuflection, kneeling, Sign of the Cross, folding hands for prayer, blessing ourselves with Holy Water. For example, we genuflect upon entering a Catholic Church as a sign of adoration because Jesus is truly present in the tabernacle. (CCC 1153-1155, 1208) 9. Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birth. Advent is a time of preparation for Christmas. Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Lent is a time of preparation for the Resurrection. (CCC 1168-1171) 10. Students should know the name(s) of the parish priest(s), the bishop and the Pope. August 6th, 2005 Transfiguration of our Lord Diocese of La Crosse Page 9 of 16 Grade 1 Sacrament of Baptism In First Grade, students should review for greater understanding the following Truths of Faith except where a teaching is to be introduced and is bolded. Scriptures that are bolded are new for this grade. 1. The Sacrament of Baptism is the gateway to all the other Sacraments. Jesus said that we need to be baptized to go to Heaven. (CCC 1213-1215, necessity: CCC 1257-1261; For catechist’s reference: Baptism of desire: CCC 1258-1260, unbaptized babies who die: CCC 1261) Genesis 7:11- 8:22 - Noah’s Ark: God cleansed the earth with the floodwaters and saved Noah and his family by having them build the Ark. Jesus said that we enter the Kingdom of God by being John 3:1-21 baptized. Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus said, “Go, therefore, and make...
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