Diocese of la crosse is committed in particular to

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Unformatted text preview: Pablo II and Holy Cross Parish and are to be faithfully promoted. (Synod Acts #188) 29. God has given us everything. We need to show our gratitude to God by respecting and taking care of (CCC 2402, 2408) all His gifts. This is what we call stewardship. 30. Farming is the stewardship of the land, plants and animals for the glory of God and the service of His holy people. Note: Stewardship is serving under the Lord for the care of all of God’s creation. Stewardship is not August 6th, 2005 Transfiguration of our Lord Diocese of La Crosse Page 21 of 28 Grade 4 mastery (thinking I own it and can treat nature as I wish), but a service under the Lord to whom the earth belongs. (CCC 2415-1418, 2402) 31. We were created to be happy and do God’s will on earth so that when we die, we can live with Him in Heaven. We believe that Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead at the end of time. Those who have followed Him in loving God and others will go to Heaven. (CCC 681-682, 678679) 32. We believe in the resurrection of the body and that we can live with God forever. God will help us to get ready to live in Heaven. We are able to pray for those who have died especially for the souls in Purgatory. (CCC 1023-1024, 1020) August 6th, 2005 Transfiguration of our Lord Diocese of La Crosse Page 22 of 28 Grade 4 IV. Christian Prayer Prayer is an essential way we respond to God who loved us first. Prayer is necessary if we are to know God personally and to do His will. Living the Christian life is almost impossible without prayer. In Fourth Grade, students should review for greater understanding the following Truths of Faith except where a teaching is to be introduced, which will be bolded. Scriptures that are bolded are new for this grade. 1. “Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” Friendship with Jesus depends upon a daily commitment to prayer. Prayer is a gift from God. God longs for us and calls us to respond to His love in prayer everyday. He gives us the strength (grace) to respond to that call. We are called to pray every day with our families. (CCC 2559, 2659-2660, 2565-2567, 2615, 2591) 2. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to pray and helps us to pray with our heart, which strengthens our relationship with Jesus. (CCC 2650, 2670, 2672, 2657) 3. We know how much Jesus loves us because He allowed Himself to be crucified so that our sins could be forgiven. One way to remind ourselves of His great love is to pray in front of the crucifix. This symbol of love draws us to serve God and our neighbor more lovingly. 4. “God is love” (1 John 4:8) and He loves each person. A symbol of God's love is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesus is the King of Love and the King of our homes. It is good to have an image of the Sacred Heart at home and in the classroom to remind us of Jesus' infinite love for us. (I John 4: 8, CCC 478; Synod Act #12) 5. The more we listen to Jesus, the easier it is to talk wi...
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