Jesus teaches the two fold law of love mt 712 the

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Unformatted text preview: , the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. After He returned to the Father, Jesus sent to His followers the Gift of the Holy Spirit to help guide the Apostles and the Church in carrying on His work. We receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. The Holy Spirit helps us to act like Jesus. The Church, like Jesus, teaches us about God. Like Jesus, the Church feeds the poor, cares for the sick, and helps us to know how to act. (CCC 541-542, 731, 857) Luke 6:12-16 Jesus chooses the twelve Apostles Matthew 17: 1-8 Jesus shows His glory Matthew 19:28-40 Jesus enters into Jerusalem Matthew 26:26-30 Jesus gives us the Eucharist John 19:17-30 Jesus’ Death on the Cross and the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus gives Mary to us to be our spiritual Mother. Luke 24: 1-12 Jesus rises from the dead and opens the gates of Heaven Luke 24:1-12 Jesus appears to the women John 20: 24-29 Jesus appears to Thomas Luke 24: 50-53 Jesus ascends to Heaven Acts 2:1-8 God the Holy Spirit comes upon the infant Church at Pentecost August 6th, 2005 Transfiguration of our Lord Diocese of La Crosse Page 9 of 28 Grade 4 II. Sacraments – Celebration of the Christian Section two focuses on the Sacraments. Sacraments communicate God’s grace, which unites us with Him and strengthens us to remain in communion with Him. Through the Sacraments God communicates a share in His Divine Life out of love for us. We are to approach the Sacraments with expectant faith and proper dispositions so as to receive the grace that Christ intends to give. Sanctifying grace transforms our hearts and should lead to a way of life that is lived in imitation of Christ. In Fourth Grade, students should review for greater understanding the following truths of Faith except where a teaching is to be introduced, which will be bolded. Scriptures that are bolded are new for this grade. 1. A Sacrament is a sacred sign instituted by Christ to give grace. Jesus shares Himself and His love with us through the Sacraments. (CCC 1131, 1210, 1114-1115) 2. Due to the sin of Adam and Eve, we need God’s help to be good. God gives us the help we need in the Sacraments. This help is called sanctifying grace, which is a share in God’s life and is received in the Sacraments. (CCC 1116-117, 1129, 1263-1264) 3. The seven Sacraments are: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation (also called Confession or Penance), Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. (CCC 1210, 1423-1424) 4. The Sacraments are our deepest encounters with Jesus on earth. Through the sacraments we have communion with Jesus – we become united with Him. 5. The Sacraments are ordinarily celebrated in a Catholic Church where the family of God comes together as a community to worship Him. The church is a house of God and is sacred especially because Jesus is offered on the altar in the sacrifice of the Mass and He is truly present in the tabernacle. (CCC 1181, 832, 1379) 6. Sunday is the Lord’s Day. It is the day...
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