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Unformatted text preview: ating each person as a child of God with complete respect. Chastity requires that we practice self-denial and self-control by submitting any sexual desires to love and respect towards another person. (CCC 2331-2347) 12. The virtue of chastity blossoms in friendship.” The important question at this time is “Do I have good friends” and “What is good for this friend?” Those questions replace the question: How far can I go before it is very serious sin that affects my emotional, spiritual and physical health?” (CCC 2347) 13. Jesus wants us to love one another – to will what is good for another. Outside of marriage, passionate kissing and petting is harmful and risky behavior because it can lead to greater sin. It puts our relationship with God, one another, and our parents at risk. It also risks our emotional health and physical health. It is not loving to put someone at risk. It is loving to do what is best for someone even if you desire something that might not be best for them. 14. Temptations are the enticement to sin from the devil, from what we see and hear, or inner desires from within us. Temptations are not sin unless we give into these desires. When we experience temptations of any kind, we should pray to God to help us overcome them. He will give us the grace that we need. To keep ourselves pure and chaste, we must: practice self-control so we can grow in the virtue of temperance, be faithful to daily prayer, use the Sacrament of Confession regularly, enjoy hobbies, go in groups of friends to different events and turn to parents or other wise adults for advice. (CCC 2338-2342) Sin/Choices/Virtue 1. There are good (virtuous) and bad (sinful) choices. Right choices are the way we love God, others and ourselves. This is how we grow in holiness. Sinful choices are acts of selfishness. Sins wound us personally as well as our relationship with God and others. (CCC 1852-1853, 1849-1850) 2. We commit sin when we are disobedient to God by breaking His laws. We have a weakened human nature and a tendency to commit sins because of the effects of original sin . That means we can fall into sin very easily. We are tempted to sin by others, Satan and by our weakened human nature. (CCC 1264, 1426, 1428, 2848-2849, 2340) 3. The way that we make good and holy choices is through the exercise of virtue. A virtue is a good moral habit. We develop the Cardinal Virtues (natural or moral virtues) of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance through education, deliberate acts and perseverance in struggle. These efforts are purified and elevated by God’s grace. Discovering our true good and choosing the right means of achieving it Prudence: (Simplified definition) making a right judgment Giving the proper due to God and neighbor Justice: Being fair Fortitude/Courage: Firmness in the pursuit of good The courage to do what is right Moderating the attraction of the pleasures of the senses that provides Temperance: balance in the use of created goods Acting...
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