The general judgment when jesus christ comes to judge

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Unformatted text preview: ecessary if we are to know God personally and to do His will. In order to know God and His specific plan for our lives, we must take time to pray, that is to talk, listen and be with God and His family, the Church. Praying is essential for growing as a child of God in the family of God. A life without prayer is like a life without breath. In Eighth Grade, students should be encouraged and assisted to be faithful in their daily prayer times. 1. “Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.” Prayer is the living relationship of the children of God with their Father, with His Son Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit. We are called to pray every day with our families. Prayer is required of us by the First Commandment (CCC 2559, 2659-2660, 2565, 2615) 2. “Prayer is both a gift of grace and a determined response on our part” God longs for us and calls us to respond to His love in prayer everyday. He gives us the strength through His grace to respond to that call. We must develop a prayer life proper to our age level. As we mature in prayer, we can make use of the different expressions of prayer: vocal prayer, meditation and contemplative prayer. (CCC 2567, 2559, 2591, 2725) 3. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to pray and helps us to pray with our heart which strengthens our relationship with Jesus. (CCC 2650, 2670, 2672, 2657) 4. Prayer is the foundation of a living relationship with God. We can learn about God at home and at school but we cannot know Him personally without prayer. (CCC 2565) 5. Daily prayer and living the Christian life are inseparable. Doing the will of God and reaching Heaven is only possible through prayer. We cannot forgive enemies, understand suffering and love God above all things without prayer. (CCC 2744-2745, 2757, 2752, 1023-1024) 6. God is the author of Sacred Scripture. Everything in the Bible was written down under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. However, God inspired the human authors, making full use of their own faculties to write what He wanted contained in the Sacred Books. The Bible is the written Word of God and has an important place in Church, but should also be prayerfully read and meditated upon in the classroom and at home. The Gospels are the most important part of the Bible because they tell us about Jesus’ life, teaching, and how His Death and Resurrection saved us from sin and united us to Himself. Class time should be devoted to “Praying with Scripture” Lectio Divina to help young people develop a love for God’s Word. (CCC 101-106, 125) “Praying with Scripture” prayer worksheet on Diocesan website, Catechesis main page. 7. The memorization of basic prayers offers an essential support to the life of prayer, yet it is also important to help students savor their meaning. (CCC 2688) Children should be able to recite the following: (new prayers are bolded) Act of Faith Apostles’ Creed Act of Contrition Daily Examination of Conscience Ha...
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