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Unformatted text preview: call reactions between strong acids and strong We bases NEUTRALIZATION REACTIONS since the solution is neutral after completion of the reaction solution Gas Forming Reactions Gas There are different types of gas forming reactions, but There the most common leads to CO2 formation the All metal carbonates react with acids to form carbonic All acid which decomposes to CO2 and H2O. acid Redox Reactions Redox 1. If one substance is oxidized, another If substance in the reaction MUST be reduced. Reactions are called Redox reactions reactions 2. The reducing agent is oxidized, and the The oxidizing agent is reduced oxidizing 3. Oxidation is the opposite of reduction. Oxidation So, remove oxygen is reduction, to add oxygen is oxidation oxygen Oxidation-Reduction Oxidation-Reduction Oxidation-Reduction Reactions Oxidation-Reduction Redox and Electron Transfer Redox Not all reactions involve oxygen, but all Not redox reactions involve transfer of eredox between substances between – Substance that accepts e- is reduced There is a reduction in the charge of an atom When substance loses electrons, positive When charge increase so it will be oxidized charge Guidelines Guidelines 1. Each atom in a pure element has an oxidation # of zero. Each Examples: Cu(s), I2, S8 Examples: 2. For monatomic ions, oxidation #=charge of the ion. Mg2+ +2, Na+, +1 +1 Fluorine always is -1 Cl, Br, I always have oxidation # of -1, except when combined Cl, w/oxygen and fluorine. NaCl -1, ClO- +1 w/oxygen Oxidation # of H is +1 and oxygen is -2 in most compounds. Oxidation Except CaH2 H -1, H2O2 O -1 Except 3. 4. 5. 6. Algebraic sum of the oxidation # in a neutral compound must be Algebraic zero zero Polyatomic ion must equal ion charge Recognizing Redox Reactions Recognizing Table 3.3 Table 3.5 (Summary)...
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