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Unformatted text preview: cell differen#a#on? –  Regula#on of cell growth? •  Ex vivo genera#on of organs for transplanta#on •  Janeway’s Immunobiology 8th edi#on, 2012 •  Canadian Organ Replacement Register Annual Report: Treatment of End- Stage Organ Failure in Canada, 2001 to 2010. Canadian Ins#tute for Health Informa#on, 2012 COURSE EVALUATIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE… LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! Want to have an impact? You can: •  help instructors improve future course offerings, •  inform decision- makers for merit, promo#on and tenure, and teaching awards, •  help reach response thresholds so that results may be disseminated to students. Thank you for par#cipa#ng in this important process. Prof. Morton J. Mendelson Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) COURSE EVALUATIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE… Easy to complete: ü༏ Takes only 5- 10 minutes ü༏ The system is open 24/7 ü༏ Available from {insert dates here} Access : 1. Log in to your MINERVA account 2. A pop- up window will direct you to the course evalua#ons §༊ Alternate way to access the course evalua#ons: a.  Select Student Menu b.  Click on Mercury Online Course [email protected] Menu c.  Then on Submit your course [email protected] d.  Click on the Course link Ques#ons/comments: [email protected]
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