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CJ Michaud WRT 219 27 Jan 2008 Voices rang out in every direction as he burst into the room, each shouting instructions or  relaying numbers. Half a dozen machines were already hooked up to the woman, each beeping,  buzzing, and clicking as they performed their respective duties and spat out vital information.  The pace of the room was exhilirating; people in all colors of scrubs racing back and forth,  bringing gauze, bringing towels, bringing tools, bringing more gauze, bringing saline. Her  apoplectic body lay motionless on the cart as a flood of doctors tended to the profuse wounds, the  products of which were dripping onto the floor and staining the gloves and coats of her rescuers.  Not an hour ago she was a 25-year-old, blonde, single working woman. Now, she was a 25-year-
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Unformatted text preview: old blonde, single, car crash victim. "More water!" "More gauze!" "More pressure right here!" He hardly had time to survey the scene, and instead yelled out above the clutter of voices, "What do we need?!" Three heads promptly looked up from the woman's body, hands still engaged in the bloody entanglement. "Another Ancef, another dilaudid STAT!" He wasn't sure which of the three had given him the orders, as the yellow face masks and wrinkled head covers camouflaged their moving mouths, but it didn't matter. He had his instructions. As he turned to leave, now on the clock, he noticed that the telephone to his right had been ringing the entire time....
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