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animal testing - Tami Kunst Lang and Rhet April 12, 2004...

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Tami Kunst Lang and Rhet April 12, 2004 Animal Research Animal research is one of the most controversial science processes. Daily, protestors line the sidewalks to prohibit the main reason our country has progresses thus far. Without the contribution of animal research, advancements in the science world would not be possible. Animal research is beneficial for so many purposes. For example, biomedical research has advanced in both the veterinary and humanity fields. A treatment for rabies and distemper have been developed due to animal research says an article called, “Animal Rights vs. Human Rights.”(3). Pet owners are more willing to allow their pets to take part in experiments to benefit their own animals and others. Scientists believe that animal research on nutrition and social behavior can improve the way we care for captive and domestic pets (Animal 3). According to “On the Sacrifice of the Natural Order for Human Life,” animal testing has been beneficial to learning the anatomy and body processes of animals (2). Veterinarians are more capable of diagnosing diseases as well as understanding the dimensions of the illnesses. Animal research has been just as, if not more, aiding to human medicine as animal treatment. Treatments against rubella, polio, measles and the mumps are a result of animal experimentation (Animal 1). Animal drug trials have advanced the pharmaceutical market not only by vaccines but also by the comprehension of the process of the disease. Introducing animals with eye infections and
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HIV, has developed new theorems on the origin of such diseases (Sacrifice 1). Psychologists, Clifford Mynatt and Michael Doherty, authors of “Understanding Human
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animal testing - Tami Kunst Lang and Rhet April 12, 2004...

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