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Craig Dolan, Andrew Dickson, Anthony Fuhrer, Jordan Miller Case 17 “Eco Water, Inc.” Manish (Manny) Krishna runs a distribution business named Eco Water, Inc. where he has been successfully marketing a product branded as PURITY II Naturalizer Water Unit, but now Manny wants to expand the business and increase profits but is unsure how to go about it. Solution 1: Manny can leave his business the way it is now. Pros: He is operating at a $7,260 profit per month not including replacement filter sales the way his revenues and expenses are at the present. Manny will not have to take any chances of losing money by raising his costs to generate a new market. Cons: Because Manny is the only distributor of the PURITY II in the area, he will miss out on a possibly very profitable market. The way things are now he has to markup his products 97.5%. If he were to increase the quantity sold he could lower the price. Solution 2:
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