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game commission - -most of the trees are...

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Andrew Dickson Environmental Science Lab 12/2/04 Game Commission Notes -Game Commission – manages and protects mammals and birds in an area -state agency -law enforcement -wildlife bureau -land management bureau -Southwest region of Pennsylvania -manage wildlife resources -Pitman Robertson tax -rifle and gun tax -sales of hunting licenses -land management -works on property that is owned by the state -forest component of gameland is managed by forestry 1 Regional Forester 1 Assistant Regional Forester 2 Field Foresters -All information from maps goes onto the Management Data Sheet
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-Look at the size of the dominate trees to determine present distribution of game lands acreage -compared to ideal situations -Southwest Region -184,875 total acres -112,488 acres actively managed by the game commission
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Unformatted text preview: -most of the trees are even-aged-Even-aged – all trees are the same age-Oaks, Black Cherry, Tulip-poplar, Red Maple, White Pine, and Hickory-Wildlife is diversified-Clear cut 1,122 acres every year and the forest will still be okay (final harvest)-timber stand analysis should be done before any timber harvest is done-once timber is priced, it is sent out for bidding-Southwest region of Pennsylvania-Harvested 26,507 acres-Seedlings must be growing before harvesting can be done-stopped by overpopulation of white-tail deer-Animals that are legally hunted in the Southwest Region of Pennsylvania-Deer, bear, turkey, squirrels, pheasants, cottontail rabbit, quail, raccoons, and water fowl...
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game commission - -most of the trees are...

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