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self management - To ensure that I will be inclined to...

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Mattie Dickson Classroom management/ Conferences Self Management Plan April 7, 2008 The identified behavior that I would like to change is the consumption of pop. It is unhealthy for me to be drinking the amount of pop that I do currently. Even though I often feel sick after consuming the drink I continue to do it because of the convenience factor. It is easier to pick up a can of pop and walk out the door than it is to pour a glass of something else and wait to finish before leaving. In order to alter my current behaviors, I have devised a plan to help me obtain my goal. By drinking more water I will be forced to drink less pop. I will drink at least two bottles of water a day and not exceed three cans of pop in a week. The water will be in bottles to allow the same convenience that the cans of pop had. Crystal light flavoring packets may be added to the water for flavoring as this is still healthy for me and will be more enticing than plain water.
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Unformatted text preview: To ensure that I will be inclined to drink the water, I will premix the drinks so I only have to grab them out of the fridge as I do with the pop. I will also stop buying pop for the house so the only time I can drink it is at school or a restaurant. If I am able to reduce the amount of pop I drink to one can a day and increase my water intake to two bottles I will receive a reinforcement. At the end of the week, I will be able to go see a movie of my choice at the theater. If I reduce my intake of pop to three cans per seven days and continue with two bottles of water a day, I will be able to devote a day to going to the museum or zoo. For each seven days that I do not reach my goal I must The rewards have been chosen due to the fact that they are things I enjoy doing but usually do not allow myself to do because of time and money constraints. The consequences have been chosen because...
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self management - To ensure that I will be inclined to...

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