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Solutions Essay Rewrite

Solutions Essay Rewrite - McLean 1 Sarah McLean English 111...

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McLean 1 Sarah McLean English 111 Heather Pristash November 2006 Essay 4: Draft 1 Are you religious? Have you even thought about your religion, lack of religion, or other people’s religions? If so, there are events, small and large, happening all over the world which could affect the way in which your religion is perceived. Everyone knows of the conflicts in the Middle East between many different religious groups over the so- called “Holy Land” this is one of the larger issues which is highly publicized. However, few people know of religious injustices that are occurring right here, in our own schools. Kids receiving dirty looks when telling others their religion and religiously biased jokes being told nonchalantly. While there is comparatively less actual violence in most of our own communities, there are misunderstandings, assumptions and cultural inaccuracies regarding many faiths. All of these discrepancies, violent or non-violent, worldwide or in our own communities, cause a rift between religious congregations and could lead to much larger problems. There are, however, a few steps which could be taken by many different organizations, some religious some not, which could help to resolve these problems.
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McLean 2 One way of beginning religious understanding would be to hold an annual religious summit, much like the Group of 8 or G8, which is a group of the leaders of the eight most economically powerful countries. If it were somehow possible to get these religious leaders together and for them to agree on issues, they could in turn help the followers of their respective religions live in peace. However, ending religious bias is not only a job for religious leaders such as the Pope or Dali Lama. They should play a role in the mass education of religion; however politicians should play a role as well. Due to the greater amount of funds available politically compared to religiously politicians have a greater opportunity to advertise and publicize religions. Churches should also be sure their younger members are educated about other religions. Nearly every religion has some type of coming of age ceremony, from Catholic Confirmation to Jewish Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Before any member of that congregation is allowed to complete their coming of age ceremony they should take classes to better understand other religions as well as to help them decide if that religion is the best fit for them.
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Solutions Essay Rewrite - McLean 1 Sarah McLean English 111...

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