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McLean 1 Sarah McLean English 111 Heather Pristash October 2006 Cancer Publicity Cancer: in medicine, common term for neoplasms, or tumors, that are malignant. -American Heritage College Dictionary Most everyone knows October is breast cancer awareness month. However, many people aren’t aware of any other forms of cancer, such as lung cancer, nor any information about them. For example, lung cancer claims four times as many lives a breast cancer. (“Cancer Facts and Figures” 4) There is also comparatively little funding for lung cancer compared to more publicized cancers such as breast cancer. The Department of Defense funds research for breast cancer, but not for lung cancer (Lack of Funding). Breast cancer also receives over one and a half times more funding than lung cancer (Lack of Funding). Why is it that there is so much publicity and awareness about breast cancer and not nearly as much about the leading killer, lung cancer? Perhaps it is the stigma attached to lung cancer, or the obviousness of breast cancer compared to lung cancer; however, the lack of funding and resources plays a huge role in the public’s naïveté. There are many misconceptions about lung and breast cancer, these cause people to make assumptions that are not always correct. For example, a large majority of the public believes lung cancer is only caused by smoking and because of this there has been a negative stigma associated with the disease. At the 10th World Congress on Lung
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McLean 2 Cancer the Global Lung Cancer Coalition (GLCC) conducted a survey in which they asked lung cancer professionals their opinions on such topics as treatment and diagnosis of lung cancer patients. An overwhelming 78% of the doctors surveyed said they believed society’s perception of lung cancer being self-inflicted creates a stigma and that removing this stigma would encourage people to seek medical attention. Contrary to popular belief, more then 50% of patients diagnosed with lung cancer are non-smokers, or they have not smoked in over ten years. Although smoking does cause lung cancer, it is not necessarily
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Causes Essay Final 2 - McLean 1 Sarah McLean English 111...

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