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Critique Essay Final

Critique Essay Final - McLean 1 Sarah McLean 22 January...

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McLean 1 Sarah McLean 22 January 2007 English 112 Paul Bissa Critique Essay In the article “What’s Wrong with America and What Can Be Done about It?” published in USA Today, Wayne Barrett and Bernard Rowe address the downfall of society and ways to counteract it. They discuss collapse of institutions such as marriage, religion, the educational system, families, and the nation’s work ethic. Barrett and Rowe also discuss some possible, unorthodox solutions to these problems. These solutions include corporal punishment, de-institutionalization of the work place, tax reform, reintroducing the draft, and legalization of drugs. They use many examples of both ways America is failing and how it can be fixed. From discussing occurrences many of us face every day, such as pregnant teenagers to one in a million court cases, such as a mugger being awarded $4,300,000 after being shot by a police officer (Barrett and Rowe 388). Overall this article is very convincing and would be quite useful for research. Although Barrett and Rowe are a sports writer and a British accountant respectively, and may seem unqualified to be addressing these issues, they do so quite well. They give seemingly workable solutions, use many examples and their counter arguments are discreet leaving the reader with few if any doubts or questions.
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